Wall Stickers, Vinyl Stickers, Wall Lettering and Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Ferm Wall Stickers-Birds on a Branch Fly wall stickersFerm LIVING--Ferm Living makes all sorts of botanical and clever wall stickers. My personal favorite is Birds on a Wire. ferm LIVING wall stickers are easy to apply. Each wall sticker comes with instructions and a plastic scraper for mounting. They are not suitable for use on raw concrete or exposed brickwork. The wall stickers are easily removable. Wall Stickers are designed in Denmark and made in Europe. The designs include outline shapes like underwater creatures, birds, branches, and fun/silly things like bare light blubs. www.fermlivingshop.us

Wallies wallpaper cut outs stickersSelf stick blackboard in a frameWALLIES prepasted paper cutouts. Easy to use and offered in a wide variety of styles, these prepasted, vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts are a wonderful way to create great looking accessories and wall décor with just a little water and no artistic talent required. Put them on lamp shades, cabinets, ceramic tiles, tin waste baskets, gift boxes, and, of course walls.  Easily create a designer look of timeless elegance in your home with Anna Griffin's WALLIES prepasted paper cutouts that have an old fashioned look, but Wallies' selection is large. Some are modern, some quaint and others are just plain fun. www.wallies.com

Hip in a Hurry wall stickersHip in a Hurry--all sorts of vinyl decor stickers for the wall. Also Decor clock stickers called Clock Art and plenty of mini's. Change It! Hip In A Hurry is personalized home décor made easy. Each product works independently and together. Mix and match to create your own custom look. Use on walls, doors, windows, mirrors, furniture and more. Choose from vinyls, shapes, word art, cut-outs & 3-D clocks. Sold at big box D-I-Y stores. www.hipinahurry.com

Embossed white paper wall tiles DesignPublic--This website has a big selection of wall stickers and wall decals. Some wall tile stickers are molded bamboo paper pulp with peel-&-stick adhesive tabs. You get 10 panels of 3-D wallpaper squares per box. One order covers 22.5 square feet. They are an off white/recycled paper paintable surface made for use indoors. Inhabit's Embossed Wall Flats are designed to expand in any direction. With peel-and-stick adhesive tabs and an automatic pattern repeat these wall tiles are simple, modern, versatile and goof-proof. You can cover an existing wall, help disguise a ugly wall or add a modern pattern to any room setting. You can customize them by rotating every other tile or row, mix-and-match patterns or paint them to coordinate with your decor. It¹s low stress, low commitment and a big payoff in the way these tiles will impact your space. www.designpublic.com 

mio cardboard wall tilesRe:modern carries the Mio modular wall paper tiles for online ordering. The have the style with 3-D curved crescents called Flow that can be arranged in all sorts of patterns and have a soft flowing look. www.re-modern.com 

wall stickers texture squares2Modern---offering modern furniture, contemporary lighting, designer furniture.
A large selection of contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories for sale online. The also have wall stickers and borders. Easy to apply and take off! These wallbands are an amazing way to add focus and interest to a room. Breathable pre-pasted wall decor bands come in 15 foot strips and can be cut to any length. Designed and manufactured by Twenty2. Another product, Inhabit's Embossed Wall Flats are designed to expand in any direction. With peel-and-stick adhesive tabs and an automatic pattern repeat these wall tiles are simple, modern, versatile and goof-proof. You can cover a existing wall, help disguise a not-so-smooth wall or add a modern pattern to any room setting. Customize them by rotating every other tile or row, mix-and-match patterns or paint them to coordinate with your decor. The rule is there are no rules and the important thing is to have fun with it. It's low stress, low commitment and a big payoff in the way these tiles will impact a space. Wall Flats can be used to do an entire room, one wall or to create free-standing-art pieces. Inhabit Wall Flats are made with 100% bamboo pulp.  www.2modern.com 

Branch--Sustainable Design for Living--also carries the Mio V2Wallpaper Tiles. www.branchhome.com 

Magnetic Wallpaper StickersMagScapes is an innovative and fun way to decorate walls. Combining magnet-receptive wallpaper with oversized designer magnets, unique environments are easily created and re-created. The wallpaper revival is about to become a serious phenomenon in the world of interiors with the launch of the world’s first magnetic wallpaper. The magnetic feature of the paper is all about allowing you to customize the design of your interior wall space. Basically, you get to make up your design using the wallpaper as a background. Created by Pepper-Mint, a London based design company, the concept has been dubbed Magnetic Interior Landscapes. Now, all you need is the eye of an artist and your home’s walls can become one great big canvas. www.magscapes.com 

wallters cardboard foam wall stickersWALLTER is 1/2 inch deep open self-stick light weight frames that can be mounted to almost any interior wall or door. They are primed and ready to be painted the color of your choice. They come in all these shapes: circles
squares, retro slats, starburst, teardrops, rectangles, saucers, hex. You can either paint them a contrasting color before you install them to play off the three dimensional aspect or for a more subtle effect, paint them the same color as the wall after installation. These are for the very creative wall decor designers out there. www.foldbedding.com 

textured wallpanelsB+N Industries--Seems wall covering innovation is leaning towards what this company does, and that is 3 dimension wall panels that can be painted or stained any color you want. B and N makes what they call Iconic Panels from formed laminate over a carved wood core. They are very durable and can be sawn, nailed, screwed, glued, or mounted on walls in other ways. The panels, such as Helvetica, that has numbers all over it, comes in a multitude of colors, including glossy finishes and silver. The Flash website has nice photos of each wall panel style in a room setting.  www.bnind.com 

MIO 3 D wallpaper tilesMio Culture--Made in the USA and the Netherlands from 100% locally sourced post and pre-consumer waste paper to add a three dimensional texture to one wall or a whole room. Modular 3D Wallpaper is a new concept in surface coverings, that gives you the ability to be highly creative. Create your own pattern variation by rotating the tiles or painting them in your favorite color. The lightweight recycled modules can be installed temporarily with double stick tape or more permanently with wallpaper paste. www.mioculture.com 


Wall Lettering Stickers & Graphics

baby crib wall sayingsWell Said Interior Lettering--Well Said is a new way to decorate your favorite walls with words, names, sayings, phrases or whatever you come up with. Taking only minutes to apply to most wall surfaces, Well Said words are a fast, economic way liven up any room. Choose from their suggestions of quotes and words, or make up your own. Quotes and words come in lots of colors, type styles, fonts, and sizes, enough to customize a creative spot in your home or office. The Well Said website has a little video you can watch. www.wellsaid.net 

wallwords on a staircaseWall Words--peel and stick vinyl words, letters and graphics. Handpainted words and quotes can add much personality and charm to a room but usually require considerable skill and planning. Now Words on Walls makes it easy and inexpensive to decorate your walls with easy to apply words and phrases.  They make letters, graphics and stencils that have a one time use. WallWords also prints your life size, full color vinyl photos that can be applied to your inside walls. Their products are meant to save you time over hand painting wall phrases and slogans and give you great results. Transfer pre-pasted and pre-spaced letters and graphics for painted walls, wallpaper, windows, mirrors, furniture and metal. You can choose from hundreds of standard quotes or write your own and select from 39 styles of type (fonts) and 36 colors to make your literary statement. Think of the inspiring Biblical scripture that you can add to your life in a not easily forgotten way. www.wallwords.com 

eglue tree with birdhouses wall stickerdinosaur wall stickers---adhesive designs for kid's walls, way cool, sticky ideas, wall designs for kids and big kids (adults with a sense of humor or imagination) giant fire engine, trees with birdhouses, dinosaurs, pirates, jojo the robot, giant fly, dragonflies, shrimp, all sorts of fish, for your walls. Big wall stickers that come in various sizes. ... A must see... http://www.e-glue.fr/en/ 

wall graffiti stickersWonderful Wall Graffiti--Graffiti letters are very thin pieces of vinyl with a light adhesive that holds them firmly on the wall until you're ready to remove them. Graffiti letters are flexible, durable, and washable. The extreme thinness and hand-applied matte finish make Wonderful Graffiti look like it's been printed or painted on the wall. The text arrives prepositioned and transfers all at once so you have no individual letters to place. Won't damage walls. You remove Graffiti by placing a fingernail under one corner of each letter and pulling it away from the wall. If it offers resistance, warm it with a hair dryer set on low. The monograms category has a lovely mix of cursive and classic styles. You can watch an animated demo on their site to see how easy it is to install your own Wonderful Graffiti. www.wonderfulgraffiti.com 

waverly wall appliquesWaverly Simplicity Appliqués are self stick wall decals that are repositionable and reusable. They come in a range of colors and each sheet comes with four individual panels in two coordinating designs. The wall sticker patterns include plants, flowers and butterflies. Available where Waverly products are sold.  www.waverly.com 

chalkboard wallpaper circles  Modern Seed wall stickersModernseed Freckles--moveable wall  stickers with a low tack adhesive that can be removed and reused without damaging wood or painted walls. These big round circles called Freckles can also be colored with crayons or cut with scissors to make more customized designs. Each kit of freckles includes two sheets of 40 white dots of varying sizes. Their Chalk-a-Dots are big circles of different colored chalkboard for the walls. They have all sorts of wall decor like the notNeutral Seasons Tree shown here. You can arrange the tree leaves and flowers as you see fit. This Season design comes in two (2) sheets of multi-colored colored tree, leaf, flower birds and butterfly decals. These decals let you create your own forest. Change your trees as the season change. www.modernseed.com 

Dotilicious wall sticker dotsWall Candy Arts--they make all sorts of bold graphic stickers for your walls in designs that range from baby wall farm animals to teen designs and flower gardens and candy factories. Also chalkboard wall stickers and borders are available. Fabulous colors for a bold happy look. Wall Candy Arts has really cool sticker sets that let you arrange your pattern as you wish. This Nature Tree set is a good example. Play with the online decorate-a-room flash application. There is a contest where you send photos of a room that needs their product, you just might win a bunch of Wall Candy fun wall stickers.   www.wallcandyarts.com 

flower power wall stickers

alligator wall stickers--Wallpaper Menagerie by Inke Heiland from the Netherlands ---each animal silhouette is hand-cut from vintage wallpaper and available in 3 different patterns per animal. You can mix and match to create your own zoo, or add a wallpaper tree for some shade! these animal silhouettes bring any wall to life with a modern twist and retro charm. hand-cut from vintage 60-70's wallpapers. Note: this product is made of vintage wallpapers, cut by hand and imported from Europe so patterns change frequently and may not be currently available. when you make a purchase, you watch your email - they will notify you if your selection is in stock or on order and when you can expect them to arrive. The do-it-yourself kit contains the wallpaper animal silhouette, paste, a brush and simple instructions. USA exclusive at ROMP! www.rompstore.com 

wall sticker sets for tropical treesRouge de Garance Home Decor--A French brand Rouge de Garance is getting bigger and has just released a Home Decor range beside all of its papercrafts products. Discover original products, with brand new design. Ceramic rub-ons, Wall rub-ons will allow you to customize all of your favorite items, including walls, in the blink of an eye. They seem to be growing ,like crazy and offer cool wall  sticker sets like tropical trees and art nouveau looking floral and vines.  www.rougedegarance.com 

Baby Dreams--Baby Dreams carries children's and baby wall decorations. They offer wallpaper cut outs, stick ups, wall border & artwork RoomMates for Kids Wall Stick-Ups Wallies www.babydreams.com 

Wallpaper--Ultra modern graphics

Wall Tiles: http://www.architonic.com/cat/3220318/1 

Rare Device--Wallpaper  Poster--cool patterned wallpaper tiles made in Sweden that can be hung singly as a colorful poster or many of them adjoined to form a interlocking wall design. Wallpaper designs include animals mixed with exotic florals.  www.raredevice.net 

Frogstore--there is even a online store that carried just frog wallpaper and frog borders for people who collect or like frogs. www.frogstore.com 

Wallpaper-by-Numbers--Paint By Number Wallpaper--This is the U.S.  importer for imaginative wallpaper from the UK. They offer borders that are perfect for children's rooms called the Keyhole Collection. They also carry the original Wallpaper by Numbers and seamless wall transfers, adhesive film and wall art panels. www.2jane.com in the U.K. go to www.paint-by-numbers.co.uk  

Good for Renters--Easy On and Easy Off Wallpaper

In the past the perception of wallpaper is that it is difficult to install and even more difficult to remove later on. And did you know that up to 90% of people do their own wallpaper installation and removal.  Now, wit the new products, wallpapering a whole room can be an afternoon project and removing it can take as little as thirty minutes. 

Wallpaper is enjoying a upward spike right now. Many people have discovered that faux finishing can be very time consuming and is costly to have done professionally. The interest in 60's interiors and pop art, op art designs is another reason wallpaper is becoming more prevalent in contemporary and modern settings. 

Products like Chesapeake's Easy-Walls Collection eliminate most of the negatives associated with the idea of wallpaper. Easy-Walls requires no prep except cleaning the walls--no primer necessary. This product is designed to adhere to walls that have two coats of paint on them. This product is also designed to not require the usual soak time after it is wet and before it is applied to the walls. The adhesive on Easy-Walls also allows for lots of slip without tearing when wet to assist in aligning the pattern correctly. You can even remove a strip and re-place it during the hanging process so mistakes are easily corrected. 

Should you decide to remove it, just start in a corner and the entire strip will lift off the wall without tearing. A product like Easy-Walls is perfect for situations like decorating a baby nursery or child's room where you know that later on a different look will be wanted. It is currently available from most major wallpaper retailers. The cost is about one to two dollars higher than regular consumer wallpaper but worth it in the long run. For more info and to see a online demo, go to www.easy-walls.com 

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