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Several of our users have submitted some great layout ideas using our Asian design sets.  Gather some inspiration here, then try for yourself !

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asian-layout-1.jpg (189655 bytes) Thanks to our customer Linda Gillis for sending us this great scrapbook layout that she made using our Asian Scrapbook Designs. She was adopted in Japan. She says, "I took page 3 of Orient Set 2, cut out the center. I then printed page 11 of the same set on red card stock to make a frame for the picture."

We think the black and white photo looks great on this scrapbook page layout.

orient-adoption-layout-2.jpg (231535 bytes)  

More newspaper clippings that Linda scanned. The longer one  had to be pieced together. She used page 12 and the fans from Orient 1 and the stamps from Orient 2.


orient-adoption-layout-3.jpg (217861 bytes)  

Linda wrote: This is just one of the clippings my mother has of me when I got my passport. I was called Little Miss Lucky because I receive the last one # 300. They only let out so many and then they cut it off. I scanned the newspaper clipping on both sides to get as much information as I could. From Orient 2, I used the fan, the kids, and page 11 on red cardstock. The coins are from Orient 2.

orient-adoption-layout-4.jpg (202253 bytes)  

Here I scanned my passport. I used page 11 of Orient 1. I trimmed off the white and mounted it to black card stock.

Simple yet elegant.


We Agree !! Thanks so much Linda for sending us these lovely scrapbooking layouts using our Asian / Orient Sets.

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