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Take a look at these baby-themed scrapbook pages to help inspire your own creations !

Here are 3 layouts that we did quickly using the color coordinated graphics in the Baby #1 Set.
Baby Mini-Set

See our Printable Baby Scrapbook Set Here

This scrapbook page was very easy to make using the baby graphics from the Baby #1 Set. The soft colors coordinate throughout the set of baby graphics. First Baby Scrapbooking Page Layout

This page was made by cropping the two snapshots to 3 1/2" sq. and glueing them to acid free pink construction paper & then cutting them out. I took an Exacto knife and cut the inside edges of the two corner designs on the background paper so I could slip the photos underneath.

I printed the two small frames at 50% & cut them out and simply used a roller ball gel pen to write on them.

Glue it all down.

That's it !

See our Printable Baby Set Here

Baby and Toddler Scrapbooking Idea Books

An easy to make scrapbook page using graphics. They are all included in the Baby #1 Set. Second Baby Scrapbook Page

For this page, I printed out the checked background & trimmed it with wavy edged scissors,(but plain would be fine). I then printed out the pink frame full size for the bigger photo and again at 75% for the smaller one. For the big one, I cut out the center oval, but I left a little white edge as I cut. On the small one I trimmed close to the lace edge.

The page title is from the title sheet I printed & the pink heart is from a sheet that has several 'die-cut' designs. I just cut it out.

Glue it all down & that's it.

baby girl scrapbook layout

Nana & Heather LOVE Baby Robert. This scrapbook page was made using the graphics in the Baby #1 Set. Third Baby Scrapbook Page

This page has a printed background from the same Baby #1 Graphics Set. I framed the rectangle photo with some of my printed   background paper from the set, & the oval frame too.

The patchwork alphabet sheet provided the individual letters. I glued them to the same background paper I used behind the big photo.

The yellow baby bottle is on the 'die-cut' sheet. I just drew on it & backed it with some solid color paper to make it stand out more.

Because the Grandmother's blouse had bright colors that distracted from the theme, I positioned the photos overlapping to cover some of the bright color.

scrapbook page baby boy

tammy.jpg (24421 bytes)

This precious layout using our Baby Set   was sent to us by Tammy Herron. She printed the frames, page title, 'die-cuts' and the block and cut them out. Looks like she used gel pens to write in pastel yellow. The pastel checks in the Baby Set was used as a  background which she glued to solid blue paper.-Thanks Tammy !!

scrapbooking layouts for baby

See our Free Printable Baby Set Here

Baby and Toddler Scrapbooking Idea Books


Click on these books you can order for ideas to create your baby's scrapbook.

book-baby-scrapbook.jpg (6876 bytes) book-toddler-scrapbook.jpg (7992 bytes)

Baby and Toddler Scrapbooking Idea Books

When my son was young we had a book about 'Fishing With Grandaddy'
that was one of his favorite books because his grandaddy did take him fishing.
It was about 20 years ago, but you can order a personalized book for your child from this website

Order "My Very Own Name", a personalized children's bookscrapbook

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