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Find inspiration for your creations from these adorable baby-themed scrapbook pages !


Baby Scrapbooking Layouts made with our Printable Baby Scrapbook Set

There are two scrapbook layout ideas here, one using the Gingham papers and one using the Heart-Check & Dots Mini-Print  & Tiny Hearts & Stripes papers.

The first scrapbook page has a frame & alphabet from the Baby Scrapbooking Set used with a Gingham background from the Gingham set. I cut a page title from the Baby set into separate words. The 'frame' around the bottom photo is patchwork paper from the Baby Scrapbooking Set. I just glued the photo on top of the patchwork paper.

Baby Boy Scrapbooking Layout--scrapbook page baby boy

Scrapbook page layout ideas using our Gingham & Baby graphics sets. Print your own acid free scrapbook supplies and save.

This second scrapbook page layout idea comes from our Heart-Check & Dots Set.

The childs bright red overalls with the bright green grass suggested a crisp color scheme and design. If you want to use this layout idea yourself. Check the link below to get the graphics file to print a sheet with the exact green vine I used and extra green of the same color to cut yourself some matching leaves. I used a paper punch for the leaves, but cutting out some leaves of a regular oval leaf shape would work just as well. This is an easy scrapbooking layouts for baby.

Scrapbok page layout ideas using our Heart-Check and Tiny Hearts Mini Print papers. You can print your own acid free scrapbook supplies and save. This is a page featuring the grandbaby of one of my friends.

Baby Boy Scrapbooking Layout--

Baby and Toddler Scrapbooking Idea Books

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When my son was young we had a book about 'Fishing With Grandaddy'
that was one of his favorite books because his grandaddy did take him fishing.
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