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We are so glad to have these Baptism, Christening and Baby Dedication Scrapbook Graphics on our site now. We know that within the Christian Church there are many different practices related to Christian baptism and  Infant Dedication services. We think we have created both graphics and cut-out Scripture references that will work for everyone. Each set has elements that can be used for both infants and/or adults and for both immersion and 'sprinkling' and dedication services. Many Biblical Scriptures pertaining to baptism and baby dedication, are appropriate to all practices. Just print the ones that are the best choice for you. You can also see our FAQ's for instructions on exporting these pages to use in your favorite graphics, scrapbooking or photo-editing program. Personally, after having attended a Baptism workshop in my EPC Presbyterian church, I see clearly how each practice has Scriptural basis and rejoice in that fact.  (I have been both sprinkled  and immersed to satisfy two different denomination's requirements at different times in my life. I believe God honors both. )

Baptism Sets 1 & 2        Baptism Sets 3 & 4

Printable Baptism Scrapbooking Sets 5 & 6

Baptism Set # 5--Tags and Sayings, Scripture, Poems

click here-Download Set #5 -click here in .pdf format

This set is loaded with the best Scripture, poems, sayings, and wisdom that I could pull together for your scrapbooking pages about family or friend's Baptisms, Christenings, or Infant Dedications. The colors and designs coordinate with sets # 1, #2, # 3 and # 4.


baptism-dedication-5a.jpg (61624 bytes)
baptism-dedication-5b.jpg (37259 bytes)

baptise-detail-9.jpg (7464 bytes)

Detail from the above Baptism Set

Baptism / Baby Dedication Set # 6--Tags and Frames

click here-Download Set #6-click here in .pdf format

This set is all about frames, and tags that coordinate with sets 1, 2, 3 and 4. It also has cut-outs to match those designs used in the above mentioned sets.

baptism-dedication-6a.jpg (46059 bytes)
baptism-dedication-6b.jpg (29981 bytes)

The tags pages have short lines printed on the right and left hand margins to assist you in cutting across the page to accurately change the length of the tags in any row. You can also print these cut out tags in all sorts of sizes using the print dialog box that opens when you go to print.


Click here to see Baptism / Dedication Set # 1 and # 2

Click here to see Baptism / Dedication Set # 3 and # 4

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We hope you enjoy our Baptism Sets!
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