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Here are some resources that you might really want to know about... just click on the book to get more info or to purchase !

Gift Box Studio Punch Out Book(click image for details) CT Publishing, Gift Box Studio™...a unique and richly colored, punch-out collection of reversible gift boxes, cards, envelopes and tags with coordinating embellishments, all conveniently bound in 12" x 12"  book format and ready to use. Mix and match to dress up your gifts with a flair or use these adorable boxes and card enclosures for a party's favors or place setting decoration.
11 ready-to-use boxes, 16 gift cards, tags, and envelopes. More than 100 clever embellishments that are all reversible and printed on premium quality heavyweight and vellum papers.

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Janet Ashford has written a book that is getting 5 star reviews.
If you are eager to see just what you can do with your computer,
this might be the book for you--click on the book and read
what others have to say about it.

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When my son was young we had a book about 'Fishing With Grandaddy'
that was one of his favorite books because his grandaddy did take him fishing.
It was about 20 years ago, but you can order a personalized book for your child from this website

Order "My Very Own Name", a personalized children's bookscrapbook

Just about the very best value for your money of ongoing scrapbooking ideas is to subscribe to one of the fine scrapbooking magazines. Even the ads just fill me with ideas.....

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