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This set of pearl white buttons, jewel tone buttons, water color backgrounds, and hand made paper tags with buttons can be combined in many, many different combinations. By making print adjustments, you can also print the tags in just about whatever size you want them. 

Buttons and Tags Coordinating Backgrounds, Frames Cut-Out Tags Printable 18 Page Scrapbooking Set

We want you to try the Free Buttons Mini-Set so you see how easy it is to print your own scrapbooking papers.

Click Here to Download our Buttons & Tags Set

Now in PDF format !!

thumb-button-background.jpg (11793 bytes)thumb-tag-1.jpg (25671 bytes)

This set will open in the Adobe Acrobat .pfd format. After you click to download the set, it will most likely open in your browser in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will need to save it to open and print later.   Look for the 'Save a Copy' icon on the upper left and click it. Most likely it will save to your 'My Documents' folder unless you direct it to save elsewhere.

After you save this file look for a icon named buttons-1.pdf and double click to open it. Happy Scrapin'


We hope you enjoy our buttons and tags themed scrapbook set!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.
Email them Here

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Click Here to Download our Buttons & Tags Set

thumb-tag-page.jpg (7843 bytes)

Some of the pages in this set are suitable for simply placing your photos in the appropriate areas for a quick , instant layout. On other pages, you can cut out the tags to use in tons of ways on any size scrapbook layout. The pages with little white pearl buttons are perfect for scrapbook layouts about sewing or those of very young children or babies in sweet clothes with pearl buttons.



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