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These layout examples use elements from our Cajun and Zydeco sets.  Fire up the burner for a crawfish boil, and laissez les bons temps rouler !

FREE SAMPLE   Cajun And Zydeco Set
These sample scrapbook pages were made using the 'print yourself' designs from this web site. They are shown reduced in size here.

zydeco layout scrapbooking layout
We came to Lafayette Louisiana for a Zydeco Workshop  held at Hamilton's Club the weekend of Zydeco Extravaganza.

When we hit town, we went straight to Gator Cove for crawfish & cold beer. It was the closest place to the airport !!

I made this quick page by printing the bandana bordered page, trimming the margin and placing it on a black background. I cut the crawfish from one of the accessory cut-outs sheets in the set.

I put the name tags we wore on the scrapbook page since they tell what the event was. And I wrote a bit about it on the cut out of the state.


This is a quickie page too. I printed the background page and glued it to a piece of red acid free construction paper from Sam's Club. The photos are matted with the same red paper and the top one is matted with yellow.

The red pepper is a cut out & I wrote a little about the workshop on it.

This is Hamilton's Club in Lafayette, and I meant to glue a little rooster by the photo!! It is a wonderful, older, wooden floored dancehall that gets to flexing up and down when a big crowd of Zydeco dancers are in action.

dancing zydeco scrapbook layout
These photos were matted with frames cut from a printed sheet. I took a marker and added little designs to the edges because they were so close in color to the background which is yellow.

I cut the alligator from the cut out sheet I printed and added the page edge 'x's and his words with a marker.

We changed partners often at the workshop & had the opportunity to dance with some excellent local dancers too.

You need to make a trip to Lafayette to experience some live Zydeco for yourself and 'Pick Up On This' great fun !!


photo of shrimp


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