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These carefully hand-drawn frames are great for giving your craft a casual, home-made feel, whether printing them to use as-is, to color in, or as tracing patterns.

15 pages that can be printed in various sizes right from the viewer or exported as individual .jpg files
to use in your graphics or photo editing program. Also you can print in 'economy' or 'draft' mode to get pastels. These hand drawn shapes are great for journaling boxes for your scrapbook pages as well.

Hand drawn journaling boxes and photo frames
pen and ink line drawings for journaling and frames
pen and ink doodle boxes for papercrafts

Click Here to Download this Scrapbook Frames Set

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These sets are hand drawn artwork.
Some Scrapbooking Ideas using this set:
The lines and edges are not 'factory straight' but have the look of carefully done freehand graphics. You can print these line drawings on cardstock and use markers to make them just the exact color you need, or use them to trace onto your colored scrapbooking paper. You can print them in various sizes and just keep them in a file folder to always have on hand a nice assortment of shapes to trace. They are especially cute when printed really little and used to make page borders.

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Casual Scrapbooking Frames in in Yellows and Greens
Hearts and Star Shaped Frames in Mixed Colors.

We hope you enjoy our hand drawn casual frames set!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.
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