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Our Christmas Activity Set is a set of 28 pages of Paper Craft Activities. All you need are crayons (or markers, colored pencils, etc), scissors, glue and string. Due to the fact that different projects require different types of paper, we divided the set into separate PDF files for each project. There is also a ZIP file that contains all the PDF files.  Each project is available in 8.5" x 11 (letter size) and A4.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Activity set!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.

Free Printable Christmas Village
Are your children out of school for a couple of weeks ? Here are some printable Christmas activity sheets that will give them hours of fun. 

Kids Nativity Scene

This adorable picture was sent to us showing the fun and end results these girls had assembling the Christmas Story and Nativity Set. They enjoyed being able to color things however they liked. In the text of the email that contained this picture: "Here is some of the joy your patterns helped provide. We have an especially colorful donkey. Thank you, E Weaver". Nothing pleases us more than hearing from y'all about any fun you have with our scrapbooking sets or other crafts !

NOTE: Each PDF has a cover sheet. To avoid printing this sheet each time: When you click "Print" choose " Page From" or "Page Range" and start with page 2. The last page number should already be set.
Free Christmas activity pages to print


File (all .pdf format except last zip file) 8.5" x 11"   A4
Angels From the Realm of Glory Download Download
Christmas Angel Download Download
Christmas Goose Download Download
Christmas Village Download Download
Dancing Elf Download Download
Fanciful Birds Download Download
Holly Box Download Download
Christmas Story & Nativity Download Download
Hanging Silhouette Christmas Ornaments Download Download
Zip File of All Christmas Projects Above Download Download
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