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If you're a child, a parent or just a kid at heart, Christmas really is a special time. Here are some layout ideas using our Christmas sets to help you capture those special Christmas memories.

Both of these scrapbook layouts were made using the cut-out borders and corners from the Christmas Sets. I used 8 1/2x11 paper because that is the largest size my scanner will scan, but you can use the borders and corners on 12x12 pages in the same way.

christmas angel scrapbook layout This set of angel corners can be used alone, or with the wide borders as shown here, or with the narrow ones from another sheet.

You can also print your sheets in various smaller sizes to make photo frames.

Just trim the borders to fit and slip the cut edges under the corners. Glue everything down.

I used scalloped scissors to cut out my long straight borders here, but straight edge scissors are fine too.

You may want to only use them along the top and bottom edges of the page. Or just the sides.

Perfect for Christmas scrapbook layouts.

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christmas scrapbook borders layout This page was made in the same way as the one above it. I cut the borders strips with scissors and also the corner squares. This particular printable sheet has three choices of decorative elements to paste in the centers of the corner frames. I used the wreaths, but you get a different look using the other graphics or just leave them empty and solid gold.

I glued the borders and corners to a sheet of parchment colored paper.

You do not have to use borders on all four sides, just use them to create the look you want on 8 1/2x11 or 12x12 pages.

This would make a great family portrait scrapbook layout page.

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