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First Communions and Confirmations are special moments in anyones spiritual journeys. Let our scrapbook sets help you document these events.

These printable scrapbook designs are in pdf format. You can export the individual pages as .jpgs for use in graphics programs by following the directions on our FAQ page. Try a free sample that is one page from the sets shown here.
The Baptism free sample also has tags that coordinate well with these Confirmation / First Communion scrapbooking pages.

For information on exporting our designs and clipart to use in your own digital scrapbooking program or favorite graphics program, see our FAQ page.

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First Communion and Confirmation Scrapbook Set #1

Click Here to Download First Communion / Confirmation Set # 1


We hope you enjoy our Confirmation scrapbook sets!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.
Email them Here

Our Communion and Confirmation sets have colors that would work well for both males and females and all ages. The illustrations, many of which were done in colored pencil, have a level of dignity that is perfect for such important events in church life.

confirmation-1a.jpg (53228 bytes)
confirmation-1b.jpg (39803 bytes)

First Communion and Confirmation Scrapbook Set #2

Click Here to Download First Communion / Confirmation Set # 2

These sets have coordinating colors. The images are of grapes, communion cup, bread and wheat, the Cross and the Bible. Our tags have various statements that would be appropriate for both First Communion and Confirmation events.

confirmation-2a.jpg (63503 bytes)
confirmation-2b.jpg (22391 bytes)

confirmation-bible.jpg (19478 bytes)



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