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Designed to mimic the look of paper with a rich corrugated texture, these scrapbook sets add the flair, with a fraction of the bulk and cost !

Each set is a set of 15 printable corrugated look pages. Set #1 has the wave 3-D design going across the paper. Set #2 has straight horizontal corrugated lines. Set #3 has a vertical wave design running the length of the page.


We hope you enjoy our corrugated scrapbook sets!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.
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Shown here is a close-up of each of the three types of 3-D corrugated looks. Click on the Set # to go to the web page that shows all the colors in that set and has the link to purchase the printable set download.

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Corrugated Set #1

Corrugated Set #2

Corrugated Set #3

Each set is 15 pages and 15 different colors.

These corrugated prints are not only great for using in scrapbooking to make pages that will lie and fold flat, they are prefect for rubberstamping and card making backgrounds. Corrugated card stock looks great but you end up with a  lot of bulk and thickness on your layout--this is the perfect solution. By printing the corrugated designs on regular card stock or paper, you get the look without the bulk.
You can print the corrugated background, then print again with the Tags Template to make great corrugated tags. This paper background is also great for greeting card making.



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