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Lately we have been finding out people are using our scrapbooking sets for more than just scrapbooking and greeting cards ! We are always interested in what you do with our printable scrapbooking graphics, so please email us pictures of the things you make with them !

Picture frame stereo speakersDave Blurton suggests using an Onsia in-frame speaker with your creative artwork on front. You can have invisible speakers in your room that look like wall art but provide great sound. The Onsia In-Frame speaker system is a great choice for people who desire a simple, yet beautiful stereo or surround sound solution. This speaker hides invisibly behind any piece of art and can be cut into practically any shape. Make scrapbook pages on them !!
Great way to get stereo sound at a reasonable price that doesn't collect dust on a shelf or take up space in your room. Onsia wall frame speakers.


scrapbooking papers used for dollhouses Carrie P writes: I have been using scrapbook paper as wallpaper and floors in my dollhouses. Your checks are great floors.
Origami cranes made with papers from
D. Sidhe said:

I fold origami cranes and mail them in boxes to people who are in the hospital or getting married or having kids or to peace groups or that sort of thing. The mailing tends to be costly enough that I can't really afford to buy all the origami paper I'd like, so I've been delighted to find really nice scrapbook papers that I can download and print out.
I got a letter from someone I sent some to recently, telling me she really loved the pastel plaid ones, from one of your scrapbook sets, especially. So thank you for helping me make peoples' lives a little brighter!



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