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Our passion is helping you build the best scrapbook pages possible. We are so thankful when our users send in their thanks, and let us know how we've been able to help. Here are just a few of those messages. If you've found value in our service, we'd love to hear your comments, too !

March 3, 2007--I just have to write and thank you for your generosity in sharing your designs for free. I have received so much enjoyment just visiting your site, not to mention the savings received by being able to print pages instead of buying them from a scrapbooking store or vendor. I'm especially grateful for the times I've created a scrapbook album as a "service" or gift for someone else and could do it inexpensively.

You are awesome and so talented! I am continually amazed at you willingness to share not only your artwork but your knowledge and experiences as well. I look forward to seeing your next creations. How about some layouts for the different generations or layouts for the different decades?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
C. Bennett

March 2007--Hi Lundy, I have been using your free pages for some time now and I am ashamed to think that I haven't taken the time to thank you.
Untill now that is!!!!!!!
I live in Ireland and buying specialized paper incurs heavy postage costs, this is why you are a godsend to me. THANKYOU LUNDY. Gabrielle, Dublin, Ireland

Dec. 2006--HI, Greetings from New Zealand.
I just wanted to let you know what an awesome site you have!!!
I am doing a scrapbook on the lives of myself and late husband as Christmas presents for our 2 adult children and being on a very tight budget your site gave me many free things I could use to make the pages look just that extra bit special.

Thank you.  Francie W

September 2006

Love the site, have used many pages already for my 3 grandchildren. Barbara


... thanks for the layouts so far they are all so great. and free! God love you. Scrapboking is such and expensive hobby and Its nice to be able to get some stuff for free. love, Sherry

I enjoy it very very much and appreciate your free service sooo much. Thanks! Michelle L

Thanks for letting me know about your new designs, they're great! Joy G

thank you eversom much you side is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! olof from Iceland 

Hi to you all, just to let you know what a wonderful web site that you have , with all the fantastic free papers that you have on there, so thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your hard work in giving us these fantastic freebies. Best wishes to you all, Brenda

We used to sell our sets--the comments below are from customers :

4/12/04 I have started making my own cards and as I have a painful back condition I am starting on my xmas cards early - thnx again for the wonderful graphics !! Patricia C. from Australia

4/10/04 I am thrilled with the scrapbooking sets I bought from you, and will send you some samples of things I have done with them. I shall be back for more and more and more and............... Best Wishes Lizzie

Note from Lundy: This one made me cry. Judith was one of my very first & very regular customers:
I thougth I would ask you to take off your list of forwards because my mom passed away on Sept. 23rd. The computer is in our home and she lived with our family the last five years of her life. She really loved to scrapbook, and it was what she wanted to leave us, as she had nothing else to give, scrapbooks she had made for each of us. Thank you for adding some joy to her life in the last months. It was so convenient for her to use your products and not have to leave her home to do it, as this was increasingly difficult for her towards the end. If you need to reach me my name is Robin.
                                  Thank you, and God bless you

I was sooo excited about your website. I use the 12 x 12 size sheets of paper so I get to be even more creative with the graphics I have downloaded from your site.  I have attached a picture of my first page created with your Horse graphics.  I would love it if you added a "favorite pasttimes category".  I took my son to his first movie and he LOVED it and I would love to have some graphics of a movie theatre where I could make his picture the movie screen.  (Just a thought - movies, bowling, miniature golf - just good ole family pasttimes).  Anyway - I love your site - keep up the great work!! Colleen McF. 1/25/04

Hi, have just downloaded your flower set and it is superb - I will scan and send my very first page when I have finished it - keep up the magnificent work!!!!...Blossom

loved the last set I purchased - keep up the exciting designs!!  Patricia C. 1/25-04

Been ordering from you for so long that I can't remember how I first learned about you ! Dodie C.

This is my first time on your site... but if it's as easy as it says... this is great! 1/22/04,  Nicole  P.

4th set--this one is free, Thank you, I love your site! Christine T. 1/21/04

I have bought three sets today 1/20/03 Set 1 - summer 1, set 2 summer 2, set three hearts and dots. This is my free set Thank you. I love this site. I just found it on 1/18 and I can get just about any paper I need and It is so easy to do it right from home in my "happy feet" pj's. Thanks again from a happy scrapper Carla Y. T., RN, BSN, MS, CRNA

Thank you Thank you Thank you for finally
printing Asian layout themes! I have searched
Scrapbook stores high and low for any Asian oriented
themes. In KY it is almost impossible. I applaud you
for allowing families of adopted Korean children.

Just wanted to say how I appreciate your web pages.
Every day I look at what happened on that day. And today, Dec. 4th, I even find my son mentionned (1969, dec. 4 - Jacques Landry, cyclist). How do you get all that information ???
Great work and thank you on behalf of a very proud father.,       J.d.Landry Sr.

You people are my GODS! I have JUST found you and am downloading as I type.
I have a foster home for young children and babies that are severely ill or
terminal. At the moment I have 5 children in my home, one of which I adopted
(I'm 54). My time is so limited that after I get them off to bed, that if I
don't fall down dead from exhaustion, I do my scrapbooking in the evenings.
These children miss out on so much that I make it my responsibility to make
sure they have pictures to take with them. Anyway, you have no idea how awful
it is right in the middle of something to "not have" just what I need for a
particular page Now I can just go to my computer and print it!!!!!!







I am excited to find a site like yours as I live in a very isolated place and the nearest place to buy scrap book material is 5 hours drive from my home. It is great to be able to download what I need when I need it without waiting for weeks for it to come in the mail.  Keep the ideas flowing !
Jan S.

I would like to thank you so much. It is really hard to find nice paper for my graduation scrap book and you are making it so much easier. TTTHHHAAANNNKKK YYYOOOUUU!!!.... Aaron

I love your site : - I have posted it on every email group I am in! A lot of them are for people like me who live in the middle of nowhere, so I am sure you will be seeing a lot more downloads from australia in the near future :

Keep up the great work!
Be well, Carol S.

your site! living in Norway, scrapbooking supplies are
hard to find in local stores - this is wonderful! Joanna Bjerja

thank you for providing a site where I can get what I need at a Great Price   Jennifer M.( from  Japan) Jan.3,2003

Thanks so much for the wonderful site and fantastic patterns! I just started scrapping (literally…I've done one page), and I'm hooked, but was afraid I might have to give it up before getting started due to the cost. I can't tell you what it means to me to have found your site and your sets! Now I can actually afford to preserve my little girls' pictures the way I want to, without feeling as if I am spending their college money on the scrapbooks! Thank you for providing such a wonderful way for me to give our family unique memories! Shannon, Marietta, GA    Dec 29,.2002

Have never scrapbooked before, but your site has given me inspiration!  Kathy H.

Hi my name is dottie and I am from liverpool in england uk.I found your site late last nightand was so impressed that I bought 4 sets one of which I then realised was free.I was a bit unsure of ordering as it was usa and I dont understand dollars against our money so I hope I did it right..However everything was easily and fully explained and theres soooooo much to see.I have just printed my first page and its fabulous Ive never done scraping Its opened up a new world for me and its your designs that did it

regards dottie .dec 2002

I just found your site thanks to Creating Keepsakes magazine I have downloaded four set this evening!! There is so much to see  Thanks for such a neat web site I will be telling others! Glenda H.

this has been the best site i've ever been to... it has all the things i've been dying to know about scrapbooking... great job!!! keep up the good work!!! Marie L.

Really enjoy your site & have had lots of funs with the backgrounds I purchased from you.Trish

Can I just say what a difference your site has made. I have just started scrapbooking and was paying alot of money for paper and die cuts etc... Not now. The scrapbooks look better using tha downloads from this site... Thankyou from Julie from England

Dear Lundy, As I said before, I LOVE YOUR WEB SITE, they are the best for a person like me! Pam H.

I just bought three sets and got a 4th free. I am so excited to use them and have told some friends about your sets. Thanks, Nadine

wow, what a wonderful site you have. all the printable pages you have are just wonderful. you truly have a magnificent site. i look forward to doing buisness with you. sincerley, monica

You are performing a service that has taken my costs of cropping to the lowest levels yet, and I need that, since I am doing seven of them.  Cathy DeB.

Great responsive customer service!  I am sold on!Thanks much, I was feeling impulsive about working on my Hawaii pics tonight and was very satisfied to find your site accidentally.Great stuff.  Keep up the great work! :-)Yours truly,Vivian

Today was the first time that I have fully explored your website and I have to say, "I am extremety impressed!" I love the awesome graphics! I was going to get my scrapbooking supplies all from Creative Memories, but after visiting you website, I think that I'll just get the album from there and purchase the graphics from you! Keep up the great work! I will definately recommend you to my friends/family!  Diana R.

I happened to stumble across your website today and what a treat it has been! Being at work, I can't dally as much as I'd like to, so I'm emailing myself the link to my home address! Your site is one of the most well organized, clean and FUN sites I've ever visited! Now, if I can ever find time to do my scrapbooking between all the other activities and hobbies I've got going on, I'll be back here! I

Hi! I'm doing my first scrapbook and having loads of fun! What a great website you have and a great idea to offer downloading "supplies". I'm ordering six sets and getting two free - I'll be back for more!! Thanks! Kelly

I guess tonight was just supposed to happen, ever believe in fate?
I just got scrappers block really bad and had to stop and check my emails and rest my fingers. I opened your newsletter and BAM! Just the stuff I needed for my project!
Please don't think I'm a crazy lady! My name is Patty and I own a scrapping for others business. I am currently working on a gift album for country music singer Tanya Tucker. She will be in town next weekend and I am giving her the album then. I am having a hard time coming up with page ideas since she is a stranger to me. I want to showcase my work of course but also want to give her an album that she can use. I downloaded the FREE sample music page and I think it will fit in perfectly with the other pages I have completed. I will of course place your name on the page as artist for the background. I know how hard I work at making my albums one of a kind pieces of art and wouldn't want someone using my work without recognition. I know you work just as hard on your ideas.:)
So, anyway, Thank you!
I will email you a picture of the finished album page!
Happy Scrapping, Patty W. Root Owner/Designer/Artist

I don't usually write to companies but I just have to tell you how wonderful

your site is.  It is very easy to navigate and the graphics throughout each

section are great.  I especially like the 4th of July section.

I will be visiting your site alot.  Thanks for making it informative and


I'm a beginner! I always wanted to try scrapbooking but never thought I was creative enough, but with your website I have no worries on how good my pages will look. I was really bogged down with all the choices of papers, stickers, etc. that they have in the store. I got online to get ideas and tips and ran across your website in my search. It was heaven sent for a scrapbooking dummie like me. Thank You so much for make my new found hobbie so convenient that I dont have to take my two year old near the gel pens while searching for papers! :) Shawna S.

your scrapbooking site is really neat. thanks for an inexpensive way to get innovative scrapbook supplies! a satisfied customer, joydot

Hi Lundy,
      I don't know when I've had so much fun with a hobby. Your sets are
great! I especially like the Bible verses in the valentine set. Keep up the
good work and I'll keep on ordering. Judy

I love your site!!!!!  I've ordered several sets but my favorite is the wedding set.I trim the margins and place in on stockcard and it looks great.  I've almost finished with my daughter's scrapbook, all that's left is the wedding and "the Next Generation." she has a beautiful little girl. Thanks for your site. Debbie

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great "papers" available at your site.  Today is the first day of spring and I wanted to decorate my daughter's iv pole on her wheel chair for spring.  We always keep it bright and cheerful and try to reflect the seasons and holidays in decoration.  I was in a rush and didn't have time to search or make anything from scratch, but I took a look at the boarder set I bought and voila there was the perfect springy flowered boarder to wrap around the pole and matching little circles to hang.  I just love it, it took about five minutes and the bus driver loved it and I know her school friends will too.Thank You !! Cathy P.

Your ideas are doing wonders for my albums and my life. It's nice to have an affordable hobby to keep me busy and interested in lifeoutside of work! Jenna Mc.

This is a brilliant site, so straight forward and easy to use. I look forward to seeing more as I am new to scrapbooking. Many thanks JUDITH D

Hi, I just got off of your site & am blown away! Everything is beautiful, & such a large selection! The prices are excellent too! Joan P.

Hi again!I e mailed you before about how great i thought your site was.  I love coming back.  I can't wait to get our taxes back so i can order some of your great sets.  I think you are doing a wonderful thing offering the free samples and then providing sets for a great price.  I look forward to being a repeat customer.  Thanks so much for all that you offer to us scrapbookers.  I feel lucky to have found you.Keep up the awesome job!!  Shawn G.

I have voted you the BEST scrapbook web site ever. Your ideas are imaginative yet easy to reproduce. Thanks for "giving back" to the scrapbook community. Sheila D.G.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful site. Not only are you affordable, but you have freebies as well! I had given up my scrapbook of my new daughter when it got outrageously expensive! Thank you so much for your site! Lindsey

Your site has saved me time and money. Keep up the good work! Pat G.

Just wanted to write and say a big thanks for a wonderful site.  Being a scrapper from 'down under'', the variety of supplies are limited and hard to come.  Really going to help get that real original look that I love in my scrapbooks.  Thanks again. Kristi

I just love your site and you have something different everytime I come here. I love the email section. I signed up for one! Iris

I just love your site.  I have purchased many of your sets.  As a doting grandma with lots and lots of pictures, I would like to see more birthday designs and perhaps a set just about Grandmas and their grandkids.  Thanks again for making life much easier for me. Mary H.

I look forward to more of your wonderful pages. Kat D.

This is a beautifully balanced page!  What a beautiful site!    This is one of the most creative pages I have seen in all the sites I gone to. From, Chrystal

This site is a dream come true for a doting grandmother of 2 with another grandchild on the way! Since I have hundreds and hundred of pictures of my little darlings, it's great to have such a wide variety of pages for my never ending scrapbook. Thanks!!!!!! Daniel H

I love your website. I am making a memory book as a Christmas gift for my mother and your site is going to make it really special. You are very talented. Thanks so much!! Therese F

love this stuff!! Rebecca Y

I just wanted to thank you for the info about AOL and downloads on your website. We have had nothing but problems with AOL. It's nice to know that we are not an isolated incident when we get cut off. I love your website and how we can just print stuff out over and over. It saves time and money, plus you have a bunch of stuff. As soon as I get a different internet provider, I am definitely going to download some stuff! Marcie M.

This is a great site, and thank you for providing many of my scrapbbok needs at a low cost!! Ramie A

I have had such a good time working on this today that I just had to send
>you my first two pages.  I love the graphics!!!!  This is my first themed
>scrapbook and your site has made all the difference!!!!

SUCCESS!!!!    Thank you so much for your time in helping!  I received both of them and they are better than they appeared on the website!
   I am preparing a book on my husband's family history, and I will be back to your site, and I will let other scrappers know about your site as well!!!!    Thank you again so much!!!!   Sandi Barber

I just wanted to let you know I love your site and I have all the samples anduse them often, I hope you could let me have a sample of your xmas page. Keep upthe great job you are doing, Sandy

Hi What a fantastic website you have...I have wandered through each of the pages today in amazement.The most exciting find on your site was the Israel pages. I recently returnedfrom a month's stay in Israel. I have a ton of digital photographs and I wouldlike to put together a scrapbook...Georgia

...this is the best site of all, I've checked out alot of sites and this is theonly one i've found that offers free pages. thanks for making mt scrapbookwonderful, thanks Ann

Hi. This is a great site and a wonderful idea! Kudos to you!!! Barb

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into your wonderful product.Beth


I love the website and will continue to order from you. I work in a nonprofit child abuse prevention program. I used graphics from this site to help underpriviledged young mothers begin scrapbooks for their newborns. I can't tell you how excited they were. My office paid for materials and I used some of your graphics. It was a wonderful experience. My belief is that if these new mothers learn a craft the odds of their children becoming victims of abuse/neglect decrease. I look forward to continue using your website and several of my coworkers have bought from you and plan to continue to doing so as well. Thanks again. Lynn G.

Hi! Your idea for scrapbooking sets that customers can print themselves is positively genius!  Your prices are very reasonable as well... Lori

Your site is totally awesome. I have downloaded many sets now and just love them. Mary

just found your site, and what a wonderful site it is!! I think I will be coming back to it time and time again. Your free samples are great, and $3 is a fantastic deal for as much as you get with your sets.

Thank you for providing this site. Jodi F.

I really enjoyed your pages!  I especially appreciated the info you also gave on papers and inks!  You have some really neat items and I'll be returning to TRY and pick which to buy first.  It is also great that you include some free samples. By the way, this is the very first time I have ever left a message on anyone's page but I had to let you know how much I am enjoying your work! GREAT JOB!!!! JUDY.

I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for all your great pages.  I have purchased several and keep being delighted with your offerings.  I bought both of the Christmas sets and am far enough behind in my scrapbooking that I've already used some of the designs for past years' pictures.  I love how they mix and match.     Keep up the good work! Love ya,  Dianna

Hi, My name is Lisa Nelson and I am from Virginia...   I know undoubtedly this is the BEST scrapbook site by far.  I have looked and viewed many 100's of sites and never been as impressed as I have been today.    thanks for the free downloads and I WILL be back to purchase some page sets.   I  have emailed this link to all my scrapbooking mom's too.  Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated by us all! Lisa Nelson

This is really convenient!  I ordered my first set today.  Love the immediate gratification !!!

Just wanted to comment on your website, It is Awsome!! Your collections a beautiful, and all of the additional info you provide is amazing.  I did not purchase anything today, but will be back soon.  Thanks for providing such great backgrounds for us computer scrapbookers.  Your fall leaves pages are exceptionally beautiful, keep up the good work. I belong to a couple of scrapbooking elists and am going to tel all the girls to visit your site.  Trish

Great!  I have just started tea bag folding and many of your graphics willwork for this!

Thank you, Lundy, for the hours of fun you've provided.

Love all the different designs you carry - big selection! Keep up the good work!    I'm sure I'll be visiting thissite lots!

Thanks so much for this great idea and service.  I am planning an order for bulk ink from Mr. Inkjet, then will be ordering several of your graphics sets.  They are beautiful and tasteful, more so than anything I've seen in stores.  Keep up the great work!A grateful and frugal scrapbooker,Missy

I am so glad that I have found your site.  I live in the country and don't havea good scrapbook supply store near by, so I must travel a long distance to getsome where that does and that is not always so easy.  But now that I have yoursite, I can get all the paper I need right here on the web. Kathy

This is a wonderful service.  If I need a certain kind of paper or graphic right away and don't have time to go to the scrapbooking store it can just click and have it within no time at all.  I like that!

Your sight is great!!  I always run out of things to put down and this has tons of Ideas!!  Thanks again!!

Dear Lundy,I had to tell you about a program that I found today that I used in conjunction with your papers. It is a free screen capture program calledCapture Express. It has the ability to capture all or part of thescreen. It also can capture in  a variety of shapes, eg star. This iswhat I have found so good. I print your papers and I can also capturefrom the screen lots of different shapes, copy them to a drawing programand then print them out to use like die cuts or as accents.This is the address if you want to take a look. Kay
NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS NO  LONGER FREE- NOW COSTS $15, there is a 30 day free trial period--Lundy

I'm thrilled to have found your site, what an amazing way to get papers!

I think the quality of the site is excellent

I think the quality is great!!  The price is perfect!!  And you can reusethem!!I love this site.  I found it by accident while surfing for scrapbooking info. I've just started scrapbooking.  I have an 11-month old and am now trying to go back to pictures of day one to make them special.  Thanks for helping me so much and thanks for such a wonderful site!  Keep it up!!


I love your site and think the idea is fantastic

you people are great

Thank you very much for responding to my email.  I look forward to seeingthe new packages as they come out.P.S.   I didn't tell you, but it did save me about 1/4 tank of gas, becauseI desperatedly needed a certain paper this weekend.   Thanks again!

Wow.. incredible, I'll be back

I love the whole thing

Thanks for sharing this wonderful site.


I love the fantastic graphics and the amount of time that is spent with each set. I am truly impressed at the quality and ease of downloading. The price is just right! Thank you for adding such a valuableresource to scrapbook addicts like myself! Your site is one of the most complete clip art sights available. This compulates as more for my money. You could raise the price to$4 or $5 and I would still buy  You have about everything here.

i just think its a great web site and have  recommended it to aall my friends.


I live in Australia and our scrapbooking supplies are very expensive so I was very excited to find your site. Your products are wonderful. I have purchased 8 of your packets, and really appreciated your Summer special, buy 3 get 1 free. I have so many friends to recommend your site to and can't wait to see any new packets that you develop

I'm new at this but I am tyring to make a baby scrapbook for my friends new baby.    I want it to e special and it looks like I found just the right site todo that!Kristin

This is the coolest sight I have ever found relative to the subject.

(From a web page that links to us) Lundy Wilder's ScrapbookScrapbook is one of those simple, brilliant ideas you wish were your own.  For a small fee you can download a set of scrapbooking/decorative papers files, which you can then print as many times as you wish.  If you have your doubts Lundy also offers samples.


I have been looking for something like this on line for some time now andthrilled to find it.

I like the way this sight is set up that it is afforable and you have theability to print the pages you need as often as needed.

I think the quality of your graphics is excellent.I love your set-up.  It is organized very well.

You are helping us to preserve beautiful memories.

I have also recently downloaded the blue wedding set and heritage framesbecause I have resurrected my 26 year old wedding photos and I am goingto put them together into a separate album. They look perfect printedonto cream coloured card.

I just thought that I would drop you a quick note to let you know that Ithink the Birthday set is FANTASTIC! I have already printed off 7 of thepages to use over the next few days. What a lovely surprise to checkyour site and find new packs.


Just in case you didn't know, the smallest square on the square coluzzle is perfect for cutting out your alphabets.

Almost began to cry when I found your site. What a wonderful idea to let people be in charge of how big or small the pages will be and how many times they can access them. Also what WONDERFUL graphics and displays, not yucky images that dont match my vintage pictures of grandma and grandpa. Thank you so much

What a great idea, the graphics are great. I like the themes, You can't beat the price, so even if you don't use all,there is no waste.I can't wait to try them

I really like this site for all my scrap booking questions.

This is my first visit and I am so impressed, I just cn't get over it! You areon my list to let all my fellow art lovers about your great site!!!


luv the site!I was thrilled to find your site. Although I didn't order anything right now, I'm sure I will in the future. Thanks


I just stumbled onto this site. I love it. Wish I would have seen it before.You are doing a great job and I love the prices

I have printed one sample so far and it looks wonderful


I'll be bookmarking you site for sure. Thank you

I love the idea of being able to print pages right from my computer

this is really an nice, easy, inexpensive way to put pages together thanx

Hi Lundy,I just wanted to let you know that you have definately earned yourself aloyal customer. I couldn't believe it when I looked at my email tonight andsaw that you had responded so soon, let alone fixed the problem! I am very impressed. I did download the kidsplay 1 again and so far it looks great.I can not tell you how impressed I am with your site, product, and most ofall your customer service. I will definately recommend this site to people!I would like to add your site as a link on a friends homepage, would that bealright? Thank you again, and I hope all of that "research" at the beachisn't to tiring.Thank you again,Carrie

I think this site is wonderful!!!!

What a great concept ! I love it & am planning on seeing a lot of 3.00 charges on my credit card.

This is the coolest website I've seen yet!

I've not seen choices like yours anywhere that I've shopped for scrapbook items

Dear Lundy,
Thank you for your suggestion.  I do indeed have a Lexmark 1000 and after changing the properties it is working fine.  I am happy to know that I can now use all the free samples I thought were useless.  They are terrific.  Thank you for your quick response and for having such a wonderful website!! Lisa

I think that your site is fabulous!!! Thank you and please add me to your mailing list!

If this works it is a huge blessing I live in the boonies so when I need paper I can't just run out and buy it.

I have purchased several of your theme packs and Love them all!! I have recently moved so I would like for you to add my new e-mail address to yourmailing list!!

I am truly impressed with this intire web site!!!!!Overwhelmedactually :-)

I think that what you have gonig here is great.  I wisj I had known about this sooner.  I could have saved my husband a ton of money.  I'm sure he'll like this site as much as I do.

I think it is a great site with alot of creative ideas!

i am THRILLED to find your Israel set-- i have four trips of my own to Israel to embellish with your papers.

Great site. Emailed it to my daughter,I hope to come back and use it many times.    Love Y'all


Your site issooo great!!! I forwarded the link for it to 3 of myfriends who are scrapbooking also. So far, I'vedownloaded all the free ones that I found...I love the heritage ones (more about that in a minute). I'lldefinitely be stopping in to buy some.    goodwork! I will definitely be coming back to your siteover and over and over....Dawn

this site and the graphics are really great


I am so happy that I discovered this site

I just surfed in by accident and am delighted at what you have to offer.  The idea of being able to print from home is just wonderful.  It is like instant gratification,,,,and no shipping.

I just purchased some sets and really like them...can't wait to use them.

Love your products and web site.  Keep up the good work!

I think that's quality scrapbooking graphics arewonderful!


I figured out how to print off my hp 600 printer I followed the sugesstions in you'r technical problemcategory and now it's working like a charm. this is the best!!!!!

i am most impressed with this web page. i enjoy the ideas that you offer. please continue to offer inovative ideas for those who need a head start in the worldof scrapping.

These are really neat. It is going to be hard to just select a few.

I think it is a great site with alot of creative ideas!

'I love them, they have printed out very nicely and I have used several sets.'


This is a great site thank you for your hard work. When ever I need a sheet I just go to the computer and pick what I want it is great.


Hi there, first let me say fantastic site! I love what you have.

They are nothing like I have seen before.I wish that I would have come across this site sooner!

this is a real answer for me. I live in a small community that has no scrapbooking supply stores nearby.

'I really like your site and your prices are great!'

'they're wonderful!'


'I like this idea. I don't like spending the money on papers at the store when I have so many options already on the computer. This gives me one more.'

'I think they are wonderful just what i was looking for'

'I am soo happy you thought of this, I love scrapbooking and I love my computer so you put the two together for me!!

'I just found you today and I am loving this! GREAT SITE, GUYS!'



just found it, never thought of checking on internet, saves a trip to thestore in the middle of project

This makes having the internet a positive thing!


I love the concept of creating my own paper and also being able to do it as needed.

Can't wait to your next set comesout


'They are wonderful'

'I really do like your graphics'


Your site is the site I have looked hours to fine!! I do't have anymore time but
will be back often.  Thanks so much for what you have put together here.

'it is a wonderful idea '

'love them'

'I am really excited'

'You already have a good selection'

'they are beautiful and whimsical'

'Very nice graphics'

'It gave me lots of ideas to put together my ownscrapbook'

'I think they are wonderful just what i was looking for'



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Clic Magnetic Glasses
You have to see this new innovative design from Clic: magnet glasses. A magnetic clasp connects them in the front, to stay out of your way while scrapbooking!
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