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Ever since Admiral Grace Hopper named the first computer bug (literally, a creepy crawly on a punch card), computers have had hiccups from time to time. Hopefully your problems are easier, and less icky to figure out than hers were. Here are some of the most common complications we've discovered, with solutions.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions if your question is not about download problems.

Printing problems are covered in the FAQs Click Here.

Printable Scrapbook Set Download Help:

A download is a transfer of data from our servers to your computer's hard drive. When you start a download, the data streams in based on how fast your internet connection is. You need to pay attention to where your computer is about to send the data before you click "OK" on the download dialog box. By default , it may be a ~temp folder. This is not a good choice. You will want to use the drop down arrow and navigate to a place you can find later and highlight or double click that location from the list  before you start the download. I suggest you make a folder on your desktop called "Scrapbook Sets" BEFORE you begin. Then send your sets to that folder. To make a new folder, right click in any blank space and chose new/folder from the list default it will be named 'new folder' rename it to 'scrapbook sets' . You can right click any folder and chose rename, and the name turns blue and ready for you to type in a new name then click your enter button. 

When I click on the download link...nothing happens, what is wrong ?
You may not have a pdf file format reader installed on your computer. Most newer computers come with them pre-installed. The most well known in the Adobe Reader, but we prefer the free mobetta  Foxit Reader, it is a smaller program and not as aggressive about cramming your computer with tons of Adobe stuff as the Adobe Co. is.  Go to and click on the free .exe program. If you are at work or on a school computer, you may need to ask your IT dept to approve any .exe program install. 

or another link for Foxit Reader is here.

If you really want the Adobe Reader instead, go here , but you had better look carefully and un-check that Adobe Photo Album Starter check box or you might regret it later on. 

If you are getting odd error messages when you click on the download link--try this--if you are using Windows, right click, and from the list that appears, choose 'save target as' and navigate to where you usually send your downloads and click 'OK'.

Usually everything goes 'smooth as silk' for scrapbookers but,

  • Sometimes there is an interruption in the connection due to problems in the connecting phone lines, satellite transmission, etc. (bad weather, etc)
  • If someone at your home or office picks up the phone and starts dialing on the same line that the download is coming over--you may have problems.
  • If call waiting is not disabled and a call comes in on your line that the computer is using, you'll have problems.
  • If someone in your family or if you are at work or an educational institution has installed 'firewall' software on your computer, you may have problems. At home you run into this problem mostly with shared connections like cable connections.(RoadRunner, @Home,etc)--at work, see your IT dept for info.
  • If you are at work, there may be a Firewall installed on your network that may prevent you from downloading our sets. Some are in .exe format and that may be blocked. Ask your IT person what to do.
  • If you have downloaded a set that won't open, delete it, empty the recycle bin, and restart the computer before attempting the download again. You might have to delete all 'temp' files too. Go to Control Panel and do Performance and Maintenance/Clean Up Unnecessary Files.....


And YES it is true we sometimes have a mistake on this end ...since we are offering them for free now, we apologize, but cannot offer technical support to our scrapbooking and card making and rubberstamping friends. .

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