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Easter is a special holiday for billions of people, both for its spiritual signifigance, and for the time we take to have special activities with our children... the jelly beans, egg hunts, and special Easter Sunday suits and dresses. Capture every moment, and use our printables to paint the picture!

We have two sets of Easter Scrapbook Graphics, each with 21 pages. Some of the designs are specifically for Easter, and others are useful for various themed scrapbook pages. Baptism Sets Here.

easter scrapbooking set

This set has chicks, bunnies, eggs, baskets, two alphabets, backgrounds, frames, and all over floral designs all in coordinating colors. Many of the sheets are watercolors.

Any page can be printed in several sizes, so full size framed designs can be printed small to be photo frames or even smaller for journaling boxes.

easter flowers floral chick.gif (13106 bytes) easter egg paper


easter basket easter scrapbooking layouts

easter scrapbooking paper kit scrapbook butterfly


Click Here to Download  Printable Easter #1 Set for Free .pdf format


We hope you enjoy our Easter themed scrapbook sets!
We look forward to getting scans of the layouts you make using our scrapbooking graphics.
Email them Here

Easter Set #2 is shown below.

easter scrapbook set
Rebecca, the Scrapbooking Guide at used several sheets from this set in a feature one Spring.

This set contains actual Easter Jelly Beans, candy eggs, paper punch designs, all over backgrounds, page titles,  as well as watercolored framed designs and an alphabet.

easter cross easter scrapbooking set

easter alphabet jb.jpg (3274 bytes)

easter plaid scrapbook paper


Click here to Download Easter Set #2 for Free .pdf format

infant-dedication-infant-baptism-baby.jpg (4810 bytes)

We also have a new, Second Page of Easter Printables.

Our Scrapbook Sets for Infant Dedication & Christening,
and all ages  Baptism with Scripture and Tags.
And a Small Free Sample


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