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The following tutorials and tips are designed to help you use our files in other programs, for modification or digital scrapbooking.  Mix it up, and make your pages your own !

Exporting Our Scrapbook Designs for Use in Other Programs

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First a common question:

When I click on the download link...nothing happens, what is wrong ?
You may not have a pdf file format reader installed on your computer. Most newer computers come with them pre-installed. The most well known in the Adobe Reader, but we prefer the free mobetta  Foxit Reader.  It is a smaller program and not as aggressive about cramming your computer with tons of Adobe stuff as the Adobe Co. is.  Go to and click on the free .exe program. If you are at work or on a school computer, you may need to ask your IT department to approve any .exe program install. 

or another link for Foxit Reader is here.

If you really want the Adobe Reader instead, go here , but you had better look carefully and un-check that Adobe Photo Album Starter check box or you might regret it later on. 

Exporting our Designs for Digital Scrapbooking

In order to get images from the PDF file into the program of your choice you will have to select the graphic, copy it and then paste it into the program. It is really very easy to do.

1. Open the PDF file in a Reader. You can download Adobe Reader  HERE.

2. Click on the Snapshot Tool on your Adobe Reader toolbar.

how to

3. Using your mouse and starting at a corner of the graphic, click and hold and drag your mouse diagonal to the corner opposite of your starting point. You may have to wiggle your mouse around to get it to go to the bottom of the page. The entire graphic should be selected. You will see a blink when you release the mouse and a box will appear stating that it was copied to your clipboard.

4. Open the graphics/photo editing program of your choice and paste the image into the working space. Programs vary so we can't give instructions for EVERY program, but usually you can right click in the working space in the program and select Paste or click on Edit at the top of the program and select paste. Sometimes it will open a menu out from paste and you can choose "Paste as a new image". Once again, programs vary, so you may need to look at the help files for your particular program for information about how to paste from clipboard.

5. Now that the image is pasted into the graphics program, you need to save it before you do any editing so you don't have to repeat the process over and over. We recommend you save the image as a high quality (low compression) jpg file. In order to make it easier to keep track of the images on your computer, make a new folder called "scrapbook-exports" on your desktop and save the image to that folder, giving it a meaningful name (for an image from the buttons set you could use buttons01.jpg or something similar that tells what set the image came from).

6. One last tip. After you save the image to your scrapbooks-exports folder, if you decide you want to make changes to the image in your editing program (adding a photo or text, etc), save the file with a new name. This can vary and should describe what your image will be (birthdaytag.jpg for example if you are taking a tag image and adding text saying Happy Birthday to it). By saving the image with the new name you avoid overwriting the original accidentally.

If you have trouble following these steps, please ask a child, neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc...for help because this is just basic computer usage functionality. We give our sets away for free now and cannot email personal computer help instructions to each site visitor.

If you wish to teach yourself basic Windows functionality, use your help files. Go to the start button and click 'Search' or 'Help' depending on your version of Windows and type in keywords. Or take a evening continuing ed class, or ck your public library for free computer classes or buy a book.

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