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Family Tree Scrapbook Layouts


One visitor sent us a lovely heritage layout that uses our two page family tree as the background. You may need to look closely. She did her layout on two 12" x 12" scrapbook pages. Thanks to Александра Тарасова for sending us her creation.

Family Tree Heritage Scrapbook Layout

family tree

Another of our international scrapbookers has sent us a Family Tree scrapbook page she made using our Family Tree Set.

Sarah Helena of Brazil

" I'm trying made a scrapbook (part digital, part normal) for my baby boy.
The site are a great help for me. The downloads, yes, but the "articles"
are a big help for me.

The page I send is my first scrapbooking page. It's totally made in
Photoshop, and use the family tree set, the last page of the spring
background and a little golden Cladagh (means love - loyalty -
friendship), the only element not retired from your site. "


family-tree-1.JPG (19779 bytes)

Simple though they are, Lundy, here are three Family Tree layouts that I have created. The one titled "KitPage1" is one I created for my husband and myself. I used the Family Tree from page 1 of the kit because I liked the chalk drawing look. Then I added the "My Family" banner from page 11 and the "Family Forever" poem from page 19.

Allison and Brandon's pages are made using the same tree and the same banner. However, to include their siblings from their father's second marriage and to journalize our divorce and subsequent remarriages, I used the leaf journaling boxes from page 11 instead of including one of the poems or quotes.

Please feel free to take your pick of these if you feel they are good enough for your site.

Jody Gall
Mason City, Iowa

Thanks for sharing your set with us Jody!!

family-tree-2.jpg (21507 bytes)

Also from Jody's set...see above for info.

family-tree-3.jpg (20203 bytes)

Also from Jody's set...see above for info.

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