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leaf1.jpg (950 bytes)Click on the link below for the free Family Tree sample, but please readleaf4.jpg (963 bytes)
the following info first, especially if this is the first time using our graphics

One of these free pages has a seed packet border. These antique seed packets can also be cut out and used to decorate other pages.

familytreesample.jpg (10894 bytes)

This is just a small sample to show you how our graphics sets work and a sample of the designs from the  full sets.. Just like in the complete sets, you can print as many copies of these pages  as you want. You can print in the largest size by changing the size option in the print dialog box from 'fit to page' to '100%'. You can print reduced size copies by putting in a smaller percentage.

You will get the best results by printing on heavy weight paper like card, index, or cover stock  or the reasonably priced glossy photo paper we've found (See Paper and Print Tips).

Use your printer's 'High Quality' setting  or 'Economy/Draft' for pastels.

When you click to get the sample page, you will get a box asking if you want to 'save to disk' do. When it asks you where, I suggest you use the little down arrow to navigate to your 'Desktop'. Then click 'save'. This file is too big for a small diskette (floppy disk), but a Zip Disk is fine if you have a Zip Drive.

After the file comes to you, look on your desktop (or where you saved it) for a little envelope named 'familytreesample.pdf' and double click to open it. Happy Scrapin'

leaf2.jpg (1000 bytes)Download FREE SAMPLE Nowleaf3.jpg (1121 bytes)



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