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Red thread, yarn and ribbon backgrounds to print



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We started these sets as a set of printable page borders, but as we laid them on the pages to scan we saw they made great backgrounds. We made these sets so they could be used either a full page background or cut apart into strips and used as borders.

Set 1 US Letter Set 1 International A4 Set 1 12" x 12"
Download Set 1 Download Set 1 Download Set 1
Download Reference Sheet Download Reference Sheet  

all the printable pages in this set



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Set 2 US Letter Set 2 International A4 Set 2 12" x 12"
Download Set 2 Download Set 2 Download Set 2
Download Reference Sheet Download Reference Sheet  

These textured yarns are light and fluffy and wispy. The long black thread strands look a lot like eyelashes. The pages with just the black threads have the look of uptown wallpaper. The chenille yarns look oh so warm and cuddly. 

You might want to cut a band of color from these sheets and use it across a page of solid color cardstock...then do your scrapbook layout on top of this background. These printable backgrounds would be good for greeting cards and rubberstamping too.  



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