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We think you will love our huge Fourth of July set.  Included in this file are 18 1/2 x 11  pages of backgrounds, frames, accessories, page titles & headlines, and 'die-cuts' to use as-is or use to tell your story by journaling right on them. The background pages don't show up well in this greatly reduced form, but included are checks, stripes, and stars--many suitable for other scrapbook themes too. See our 4th of July   layouts to see the graphics in detail.

Included are two pre-formatted 4th of July sheets on which you can simply glue your photos after you cut them to a size or shape that best fits the page layout. What could be easier !

You will be able to print out as many of each sheet as you need and even go back later and print more for yourself. You can also print full sized or reduced, for just the frame size or look you need for Fourth of July projects. You can export to other graphics programs too. See the FAQ page for how to do it.

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