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To get your copy of the Free Fall Graphics, simply click here.pumpkinsquare.jpg (1141 bytes)

You will be 'downloading' a file onto your computer to print as many copies as you want, when you want.

You will be asked where you want to put this file. I suggest that you tell your computer to put the file on your Desktop. It will be easy to find there. The icon will be a PDF file. You just double click on it and the viewer will open. The graphics will be in the graphics viewer.   Then just print as usual.

It may take a minute or two for the file to come to you from us, depending on what kind of a connection you have.


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Clic Magnetic Glasses
You have to see this new innovative design from Clic: magnet glasses. A magnetic clasp connects them in the front, to stay out of your way while scrapbooking!
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