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Our graduation set is full of letter, backgrounds and accents that will help you record your student's commencement with flair !

Graduation scrapbook paper & scrapbook graduation pages for you to print.

This set of pages can be printed as many times as you want and in different sizes. Included are borders, frames, alphabets, page titles, backgrounds,and clipart cutouts. Some of the page ideas are 'Jump for Joy', 'We are Bear-y Proud of You' & 'Sing for Joy'. The set is a downloadable file. See Graduation Layouts Here.

Click Here to Download the Graduation Set

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We hope our graduation scrapbook set gives you some good graduation scrapbook album ideas.

The graduation themed scrapbook paper is great for backgrounds and the cut-outs like letters, borders and corners make either photo frames or any size scrapbook page edgings. You can use these graduation designs for either, high school graduation scrapbooking, college graduation or the little ones. We'd love to add your graduation scrapbook layout to our site if you use our graphics. That gives other scrapbookers graduation page layout ideas and they love that :o)
See Some  Graduation Layouts Here

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