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Halloween & Fall Festival Scrapbook Layout

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halloween.jpg (66083 bytes)

This scrapbook layout using our graphics was sent to us by Christine K.

Note how she trimmed the unprinted border on the background and mounted her page on solid colored paper which frames the pages so nicely.

It looks like it was a fun party!!

harvest-party.jpg (28032 bytes)

The next 6 pictures are of a layout sent to us by Chris L.

"Attached are several layouts that I have made using your wonderful papers!  I have enjoyed using the 'theme' aspect as it takes the guess work out of "what should I use for this group of photos?"  Thank you for your wonderful site and for sharing it with us scrapbookers of the world--I love it!"

This is a church harvest party layout using Halloween 1.

harvest-festival.jpg (30664 bytes)


harvest-festival-family.jpg (25564 bytes)

Chris has combined our Halloween and Fall graphics very cleverly with our Corrugated print paper and Dots print paper designs.
We think she has done a wonderful job using our free printable graphics in combination with some solid colored paper. Chris happened to use 8 1/2 x 11 sized pages, but you can see how easy it would be to do similar Halloween and Fall scrapbook layouts on 12 x 12 inch pages.

Note: We think she didn't want to get permission from all the assorted folks in her photos, so she blacked out their faces. We don't think they had a licorice pie throwing contest at her Church Harvest Festival !!

harvest-party-activities.jpg (39984 bytes)


halloween-harvest-festival.jpg (29014 bytes)

harvest-party-fun.jpg (37499 bytes)





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