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Hand Made Greeting Cards

free Sian Walters of the UK sent these photos of cards she made using our printable graphics for her hand made greeting cards.
Another of Sian Walters' cards.
handmade Sian Walters's Happy Birthday card uses alphabets from one of our Wedding Sets. The background of the card is from a Wedding Set. She used fancy cut scissors to cut scalloped edges to the pink gingham plaid paper she printed from one of our sets.
cards greeting cards free Sian Walters wrote: I even used some as wrapping paper and made a tag as you can see. it is a special occasion as we are taking my mum on a surprise trip to New York (we live in the UK) she has no idea.

hand-made-card.jpg (19575 bytes)This hand made greeting card design was made by our UK customer Dorothy Bennett. She used several pages from our Texture Sets plus some gold stickers of her own. We think it is lovely. She wrote:

"my very first card using your designs that I recently bought on your site. I was so happy to be able to print out what I wanted .I firstly printed a heavy card with deep lilac design .Then paper with willow pattern, and lastly a frame . I then finished it with gold peel-off corners and a gold dragonfly sticker backed with angelina. Inside is a plain lilac sheet for the sentiments.

My friend was to receive it for her birthday but I cant part with it lol.So perhaps I will make her a different one ha ha,  dottie"


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green-dragonfly-card.jpg (37402 bytes)
Another card by Dorothy B. using prints from the Outdoor Fun set.



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