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HEART CHECKS AND TINY DOTS ALL OVER .pdf file--Click Here Download FREE....Ok for PC and MAC
  SmallSample Page   Heart Check Layouts

This 23 page set of of scrapbook graphics is a file that has has 11 assorted  colored sheets of Tiny Plaid with Hearts in each square  on white background PLUS 12 sheets of Tiny Dots  12 different colors on white backgrounds. These pages  can be used in any number of ways, cardmaking, rubberstamping, scrapbook backgrounds, matting photos, page titles, etc. These mini prints work very well on Baby Scrapbook Pages. The golds and yellows are great for fall and Thanksgiving. 

You will be able to print as many copies of each as you want whenever you wish.

Since the prints are so small, they do not make very good thumbnail sized illustrations for me to show you, so the background of this page can give you the idea of how they look scale wise. The colors include -red, pink,black, limegreen, kellygreen, yellow, blue, aqua, plum, orange, gold,& turquoise

I have enlarged the pattern on these small shots so you can see better the overall pattern. Really the checks and dots are much smaller in proportion to the overall 8 1/2 X11 sheet than what is shown, but you can see the colors better this way too.

 samples of Heart Checks scrapbook background

Don't forget that you can print these free scrapbook background pages in your printer's Draft or Economy mode to get a soft pastel print (and save ink).


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