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Here are four quick heritage layouts using sheets from our Free Printable Heritage Scrapbook Sets.

heritageidea1.jpg (21473 bytes)
heritageidea2.jpg (21975 bytes)

heritage scrapbook layout

heritage scrapbooking layout

All of these layouts use backgrounds printed from our Free Heritage Sets mounted on acid free construction paper from Sam's Club. I printed the graphics on Royal Bright Glossy Photo Paper (inexpensive) also from Sam's. The frames and accessories are also all from out Heritage Sets. An easy way to see if a certain frame is a good fit for your photo, is to just put the frame on top of the photo and hold them up to the ceiling light. In some cases you will trim away the entire inside of a frame or in other cases you might want to leave a narrow edging of the inside like I did here, leaving a bit of the printed gold moire satin. I used 'deckel' scissors so I wouldn't have to worry about matching any design.


heritage scrapbooking layout Here is a nice layout from customer
Heather De Leon
printable scrapbook layout family This Heritage Layout was sent to
us by customer Marie Westfall which
shows her mother,

ARDA BARDONER, about 1920

This lovely Heritage Scrapbook Layout was sent to us by one of our customers.

She wrote:

I made this page using your Heritage background. I added a border of sewing brocade around the picture and the around the background itself. I then added sewing patches in the corner to cover the spot where the brocade meets.

I just had to share with you. Thank you for making such lovely backgrounds. I definitely will be ordering  more sets.


Colette Miles

heritage-layout-black-frames.jpg (44155 bytes)
heritage scrapbook layouts ideas
Here is a pretty layout that was sent in to me by Wanda.

She printed one of the pages in Heritage Set 3 several times and cut and pasted to fill her 12 x 12 area. The tags came from Heritage Set 2.




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