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How does  work ??

Once upon a time we charged for our printable scrapbook designs. Now they are FREE.  For us to continue, we need you to do 3 things. Link to our site, &  tell your friends about us  !! And make a donation.

All of our scrapbook paper design sets are now in .pdf form, and are suitable for anything from scrapbook background and graphics to custom t-shirts or any other home craft projects.

If you do not already have a pdf reader installed on your computer to open our files, we suggest that you get the free Foxit Reader.  We like it a lot better than the Adobe pdf Reader.

Read how to extract our images in pdf files to use in digital scrapbooking.

Now a note of explanation about the original old sets:

When I started making my sets about 1999 most people used slow dial up connections, and I looked for a good way to compress the big full size, color graphics in a file size that small enuf to be downloaded successfully by most people. Back then eFax was called Hotsend, didn't have any restrictions on my using it and like so many things on the web then, it was a great little free utility. It made the prefect vehicle for super small files that people with slow dial up connections could download without errors. The file size was much smaller and better quality than the Adobe PDF files. And had much better printing choices--still does. Then things changed---they started adding ads, then the pop-ups, and I was kinda stuck. 

When you download a set of scrapbook graphics from us in the first format we used, the eFax software,  you instantly download an entire set of pages which print from a self-extracting viewer. The viewer allows you to see each page full size, scroll between each page on your screen, and print each page individually in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. You can open the viewer and print as many copies of each page as you want for personal use, whenever you need them. It is like a mini program that will reside on your own computer after you complete the download. You will be licensed to use the graphics for your own personal use.

Now, on with the How-to info:

If the concept of downloading is new to you, please go to this download help page for info and an illustrated tutorial.

This is a reduced size screen shot of what the viewer window in our old sets looked like, containing the graphics set.

The ScrapbookScrapbook viewer as it opens on your screen show about 1/4 size. These scrapbook graphics can be printed a sheet at a time, or the whole set. You can print full size or in smaller sizes as needed. Just scroll thry the small thumbnails along the left and click on the one you want to see full size. The page number is given on the tool bar. This happens to be a shot of the Paws & Gardens Graphics Set, scrolled about half the way down.

You can see the thumbnails of each page on the left and the full size page on the right.

Across the top of the viewer are options to enlarge or reduce the view, zoom in , or print.

When you close the viewer, it will exist as a little icon on your desktop (or zip disc, etc or where ever you place it) (The file of a complete set is larger than a small 'floppy' disc can hold.)

TIP: You will be able to print any page, any time. You can even print a pastel version by changing your printer to 'economy' or 'draft' mode when printing.

See our Print Tips page for ways to really save on ink.

Our FREE sets are free because of our wonderful advertisers !!

Want to see a tutorial on doing downloads? Go to our download help page.

Be sure to see our Terms of Usage it all. 

When we sold the sets rather than giving them away, we had a page telling about the free samples.


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