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See Also our Summer Sets for designs of kids playing   LAYOUTS

These two sets have graphics in bright primary colors for you to print. The images are of toys, pets, vehicles, art supplies, farm animals, puzzles, checks, stripes, borders, frames, and alphabets well suited for photos of children and 'their' world. These sets are especially good for photos of little boys. Each set includes 'die-cuts' with and without journaling guidelines.  Having 20 sheets doesn't mean you will need them all, you will just have a great choice at one low price. Remember that the full sized bordered paper can also be printed reduced to use for a photo frame in any size you need.

Your graphics will not be as 'fuzzy' as these reduced size illustrations look. Try the free sample to see the print quality. And always use your printers "High Quality' setting.

Scroll down to see Kids Play Set 2

Click Here to Download the Free Kids Play Set 1 in .pdf format

Kids Play Set Scrapbook Graphics created for use with your photos of children playing. The set has primary colors and includes backgrounds, frames, an alphabet, checks, stripes, and more.


Kids Play Set 2 :

Click Here to Download Kids Play Set 2 in .pdf format

This is Kids Play Set #2. It is great for little boy's scrapbooks. It includes popular vehcles toys, puzzle pieces and a framed 'neighborhood' sheet to help you make scrapbook pages to celerbate childhood.


When my son was young we had a book about 'Fishing With Grandaddy'
that was one of his favorite books because his grandaddy did take him fishing.
It was about 20 years ago, but you can order a personalized book for your child from this website

Order "My Very Own Name", a personalized children's bookkids play set



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