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bikinginneighborhood.jpg (60257 bytes)
For this page, I cut apart the neighborhood print sheet to make a border for the top and bottom. I glued them onto white cardstock.

I printed the sheet with red frames, along with the next four sheets in the set, at the setting 'Print 4 sheets to a Page' in the Print Dialog Box. This printed them in a reduced size perfect for the title box and a journaling box. These are my friend's children, so I wil let her write in the journaling box.

The photos were cropped a little bit and matted on Sam's Club acid free green construction paper.

Took about 10 minutes !

playtimelayout.jpg (74524 bytes)

For this scrapbook page, I printed the   sheet that has the 'Playtime' title at the top. I printed it aprox. half size by choosing 'Print 2 pages per Sheet' and putting in 2 page numbers. I cut out the title and matted it with blue construction paper,red paper and finally white. I used a white roller pen to mark the lines like the lines on the cardboard blocks in the photos.

The photos are matted with blue and then the small checks from our Kids Play graphics set.

I glued the title, and 3 photos to red acid free construction paper from Sam's Club.

I might also add white journaling right on the background above the title.


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