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Hello MAC Users:

We have swapped our original graphics files that were in the eFax format for .pdf files. You should no longer have trouble with our sets.

We are receiving email from MAC users to say that they are having problems opening our sets. The instructions on this page used to work--but we don't know, maybe not on the newer MACs. We appreciate ALL feedback from MAC users, as we do not have a MAC and can not offer much more help at this point if you have problems.  According to what I have read, Mac users will need Mac OS X 10.1 or newer and to click here to get the free eFax Messenger for Macintosh before you download any of our sets. 
On older MAC's after download of the eFax Messenger for MAC, the MAC adapter may enable you to open our graphics files on your Mac if you change the file extensions from '.exe' to '.hot' or delete the file extension alotgether.

OR, try dropping and dragging the Scrapbook Graphics file on to the Mac Viewer icon on your desktop.

OR--open our sets on a friend's or school PC and follow the instructions on our FAQ page to export the individual pages of our sets as seperate jpg type graphic files, save and any use on your MAC in any photo editing or graphic program you like.

Installing the eFax MAC software for Mac OS
After downloading the "efxsetup.sit" file to your desktop, double-click on the icon to install it. Then double-click the Efax desktop icon and a welcome document will appear. You might have to go to the toolbar/file/open and navigate to the scrapbook set or sample you want to open. If you cannot open the "efxsetup.sit" file, get StuffIt Expander, available as a freeware product at

#####       Click Here To Download the Mac Adapter      #####


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