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When we first started the newsletter for, we had no idea how much it would grow. We started out using a helpful, free mailing list tool and it worked great for us for a long time. However, once our mailing list reached the size it is now, sending a newsletter became something that took hours and hours to do because the tool we were using could only handle small batches of email addresses at a time.

Long story short, we decided to switch to a mailing list manager that was designed to handle hundreds of thousands of subscribers if need be. Now it will be easier and faster for us to update ya'll about new sets and other changes we make.

We are considering sending out newsletters more often than twice a year, but we would like to get your input on how frequently to send them. Please answer the poll to the right so we can get a good idea of what YOU would like.

We imported all of the addresses that were on our mailing list through January 9th. Below are links where you can subscribe, unsubscribe or edit your preferences (you can now choose whether to receive the newsletter in HTML or Text format and change your email address).

Important!!!! - If your email address has any characters other than letters, numbers and these symbols: . _ - and 1 @  then the newsletters will not get to you. Also, be sure you don't use commas where periods are supposed to be. We had to delete a few email addresses that had ` and ' marks in them. 

Our Newsletter is currently down while we find a new server. Please contact us if you want to be added.

Note: If you choose the "Edit Preferences" link you will need to enter the email address you subscribed to our list with and you will get an email with a specialized link just for accessing your preferences. Save this email. 

Some people have said they cannot change their email address. If you use the specialized link in the email that was sent to you that says "To update your preferences and to unsubscribe visit this link"  it will take you to a screen that asks you to confirm the information is correct. 

Type the new address you would like to get the newsletter at in both fields, select HTML or Text and then click update. The system already knows who you are if you use the specialized link, so all you have to do is make sure the email address is right and choose the format you want.

be sure to check your junk mail folder.

Earthlink -- PeoplePC -- AOL users:
Please add to your approved senders list. It is very time consuming for us to manually fill out the form to request approval for each individual address and the new mailing list manager may not give us access to these requests.


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