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Marble Patterned Pages to Print for Scrapbooking & Rubberstamping

Three Sets of 21 Pages each

These marble patterned pages in our self-contained 21 page graphics sets can be printed in full size 8 1/2 x 11 or reduced size. Those of you with large format printers can enlarge them in your printer's properties box. You can print pastel versions too in 'economy or draft' mode.  Marble backgrounds are great not only for scrapbooking, but for rubberstamping & greeting cards. They are perfect for other craft projects like decoupage, mosaics, etc.

 These pages are perfect scrapbook backgrounds for pages about European vacations.
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Marble Set 1 is shown first

Click Here to Download Marble Set 1 in .pdf format

Marble Set 1--a 21 page set of natural marble textures for scrapbooks and rubberstamping projects.
marble1setb.jpg (91677 bytes)
marble1setc.jpg (27186 bytes)

Marble Set 2 is shown below

Click Here to Download Marble Set 2 in .pdf format

Marble Set 2--a natural color set of marble patterns for all sorts of craft projects like scrapbooking, rubberstamping, and decoupage crafts.
marble2seta.jpg (111708 bytes)
marble2setc.jpg (36176 bytes)

Marble Set 3 is shown below

This set is marble in fantasy colors. If Barbie had a pink marble bathroom, I'm sure it would look like one of these lucious pretend marbles !!

Click Here to Download Marble Set 3 in .pdf format

Marble Set 3 is fantasy colors featuring pastels. These pages are useful for scrapbooking, rubberstamping and making handmade greeting cards as well as other craft ideas.
Marble Set 3 is lucious fantasy colors useful for scrapbooks, rubber stamping and craft projects
Marble Set 3 is fantasy colors useful for scrapbooking, rubberstamping, and craft projects

Marble is a wonderful background for scrapbook pages or rubber stamping projects. You can also paper the walls of grand doll houses or use for decoupage and create wonderful mosaics. Please share your ideas for using these stone, granite and marble designs in your craft projects.



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