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Our small free sample will show you how our graphics are delivered to your computer and are so easy to open and print.

We are so pleased to offer TWO sets of MILITARY Scrapbook Graphics of 24 sheets each. You can print exactly the sheets you need as often as needed. Included are graphics for The Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marines, and even the Coast Guard. Also are ALPHABETS in both Army and Navy themes, camouflage in various colors and textures including 'desert', 'die-cuts' , journaling graphics, frames & all over patterns (stars, subs, jets, chain, decking, stripes, etc) for backgrounds and matting photos. We know that few people will need to print every page, this way you'll always have a choice. Be sure to print in your printer's 'High Quality' setting for best results. 

You can print on your printer's Draft or Economy for a pastel print..

This is Set #1    (Scroll down to see Set #2)

scrapbook military clipart clip art graphics military metal award crests of all branches of the armed forces,die-cuts, photo frames alphabets background

DOWNLOAD SET #1-FREE .pdf file       

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You can save the preview images and/or order them at a reasonable price.

Below is Set # 2 + it contains two alphabets in Army colors not shown

Printable scrapbook military graphics camo paper camouflage alphabets, die-cuts,all over military designs representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.

DOWNLOAD SET # 2  -FREE .pdf file

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