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More Ink Info:

Refilling your own just got easier with the new set kit I got from MisterInkJet. They now include little rubber stoppers that replace the punctured ones in the exit holes of an ink jet cartridge. This means much less chance of messy leaks before you get it back in the printer. Their kits come with separate syringes for each color of ink, directions, and they even give you a pair of rubber gloves to wear if you want. The kits I get from them fill my Epson cartridges about 12 times.

I have also noticed a big difference in the brilliance of the ink color in different brands of refill kits. Again, I'm sticking with MisterInkJet. By far the brightest colors I've found. I have no affiliation with this company, BTW.

You will need to run several printer nozzle cleaning cycles after you refill. I have had to run as many as 5 in a row to get all the colors printing correctly. Do not worry, it does not use up a great deal of ink. Run a clean cycle and them print a nozzle check, if it is not perfect, IMMEDIATELY run another clean cycle. The cleaning cycles get progressively stronger if run consecutively. If you don't know how to do this, check your manual.

Sometimes it is wacky the way it goes. I will have all, but maybe a couple of red print lines missing, so I run another clean cycle and do a print check. Then maybe the black will stop printing, so I run another cycle. Black starts back again. After 5 consecutive clean cycles I have always gotten all the print heads printing correctly. Well, maybe 6, but rarely. But DO NOT wait until your cartridge runs dry to refill!!

It will not help to just start printing if you have missing ink lines--you MUST run the head cleaning utility that is usually under your printer's 'Properties/Utilities'

Wash your syringes with water and be sure no water remains inside which would dilute the ink the next time you refill.

Do not buy the tiny refill kits at the office supply stores, order from an Internet company or buy a nice big kit at a computer fair or show in your area. See Marketpro Web Site for various locations of shows in the States.

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