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Free Pop-Up Mothers Day Greeting Card

Instructions for a Sturdy 4 Sided Card
(Quick Construction Instructions Here)

Print a free mothers day flower bouquet card

Using this method to assemble your card is a bit more time consuming, but you will get more precise results. Print all pages at 100% size. You will have exact flower images on both sides of the card. All 4 sides actually.

You will need to cut out all the fronts and the backs in either the pastel floral card or the bright floral card.

Pop up flower bouquet folded flat

Cut out all 4 pieces. Carefully cut along the printed edge.

Cut slits where marked by the white lines. We find on these double thickness cards it makes it easier to cut out all the white, not just cut straight down the white line.

All 4 pieces of the flower bouquet Here all 4 pieces are cut out and the slits are cut ont he ones that have them.
Use marker around the edges so white cut doesnt show

To avoid white cut edges you can carefully trace around the back of each piece with a marker that is similar green to the card front. Be sure to put down scrap paper to protect your work surface.

This is so when you glue the fronts and backs together, any little white edge will not show and will be green like the foliage.

Color along the cut edges of the free card All four pieces with edges traced on the back with a green marker.
Glued flower bouquet for the card

Glue the matching pieces together, aligning the edges as best you can. We recommend using a glue stick because of the low moisture content. Be sure to get the edges good. It will look better the less seperation there is between the pieces.

Do both sections of the bouquet.

Cut out the flower pot

Cut out the flower pot after you print it and score on the fold lines. We find it's easiest to score on a surface with a little give, like paper (that won't tranfer ink to your project) or a mouse pad.

Flower Pot for Bright Bouquet this one is lavendar with a Happy Mother's Day Message.

Flower Pot for Pastel Bouquet this one is white with a Happy Mother's Day Message.

Looking down on the flower pot Fold along your score marks with the printed design to the outside. One easy thing is that all folds are in the same direction.
Flower pot upside down We recommend using a glue stick since the are a very dry form of glue and don't ooze out or cause the paper to wrinkle. You can use any glue, just don't use too much.
Glue tabs on flower poit, score the fold lines
Greeting card flower pot folded flat On either end you will lap two 'panels' over and tuck the tab under w/ glue on it. Mash them down flat and you will have perfect alignment.
Hold your glued tabs with your fingers Here we ae holding the gliued sections down flat until the glue dries.
Flower pot one it is glued You then bring the two glued sections around to meet each other and they form a perfect little square vase.
Greeting card with glued tabs on the vase You will apply glue to the smaller flat section that joins up to the larger rectangle section.
Free mothers day card folded base  
Holding down the folded vase on the card Flatten the whole vase so you know that the glue dries in a way that the vase can fold perfectly flat for the envelope. Hold vase flat as glue dries.
Vase for flower bouquet ready for flowers The vase or flower pot will be a little square shape with three interior compartments.
Celophane tape is optionalA bit of celophane tape on flowers fold

Slide your pieces together along the slits. Line up the bottom "stem" edges so they are even. Flatten it out. Then tape the top along where the edges of the slit is against the other piece. For even more stability you can flip it over and tape that side the same exact way. We outlined where the tape is on photo .

Slide the bouquet into the pot. It can go 2 ways, with the stems on the front of the narrow section or behind. We found it works best in front, not behind as in the photo to the left.

Gluing free mothers day card

Before gluing make sure everything is going to fold flat

Now add glue to the correct sides to make sure it goes against the side of the pot inside. Double check! Press it down flat to make sure the glue takes hold, but then open it back out! Otherwise if there is any glue oozing or excess anywhere your card will not want to open back up once dried.

Flower pot pop up card on its side
Mothers day card finished

Another option is you can cut out one of our blank or pre-printed message medallions.

On this card, we cut straight in from the right edge then followed the edge of 2 of the purple flower petals so we could tuck the medallion in.

Free mothers day card greetings  

 Free pop ip card for mothers day

Close-Ups of this Mother's Day Scrapbooking Setpop up card




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