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Fall News from  

Whew! There's been a lot of stuff goin on at ! A lot of it is new scrapbooking sets, but there has been a bunch of behind the scenes activity as well.

We appreciate all the donations we receive from the bottom of our hearts! It means so much to us to get that affirmation that what we do is appreciated and it also helps motivate us to keep coming up with more designs for ya'll! We want to especially thank our visitors from UK, NL, AU and NZ for their generosity. You can make donations using the donation links at the bottom of every page.

We have made some new sets for ya'll. Since our Summer Father's Day newsletter we have added these sets: Batik Fabric, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah, Swirly Doodles, Chenille Yarn Backgrounds and Borders, and our biggest set ever the Meadow Collection. The Meadow Collection has 108 pages and many of those are available in all 3 sizes, which means we made 284 pages total for this set! Everything is color coordinated some fantastic layouts or crafts.

We also added some cute Chinese Takeout style print and assemble boxes to one of our other sites,  These boxes make great party favor boxes or small gift boxes.

We completely redid our Catalog page and categorized the sets. Keep in mind that many sets have alphabets, borders, embellishments and so on included...more than the ones we have labeled as such. 

We also added a new section called 'Scrapbook Supplies'. This is a whole section of resources that we have just begun. If we have left out your favorite source, send us a nice summary of what they have and why you like them. We won't be able to add every single home-party scrapbook consultant, so don't ask please but we really would like to know your favorite scrapbook forums and gathering places online.

When we saw in our stats how popular the Xara 3D Page Title Creator was, we added a lot more creative tools that allow you to make custom embellishments with your own text. We hope you enjoy using these!

We are proud that  is being featured in a nice article in the Winter 2007 issue of Jewish Woman Magazine because of our Israel Scrapbooking set. The feature includes a nice roundup of scrapbook links on Jewish themes.

After many years of having our site managed by what was a very reliable hosting company in Vancouver, changes in the philosophy of the parent company necessitated us moving our site. We did this with just a few glitches, but we think everything is working now. The What Happened When? page was down for a bit, but we recently got that working. So if you tried to use it and got an error page, try again.

We have some sets that we are working on ... Penwork Doodles Tracing Set, Paisley Set, Ribbons and a Lace set. We are also thinking of making a special section for MySpace users that will have coordinating templates using some of our ScrapbookScrapbook graphics.

Occasionally culprits try to sell our graphics on Ebay on CD's, DVD's, printed paper, etc... or include them on an unauthorized site. If you see this happening, please email . We are always happy to send a small thank you gift to those who report a Terms of Use violation.

Now that school has started and the weather is cooling down, we hope that you'll have time to see all our cool new free printable scrapbook pages.

We hope you have a wonderful Fall season!

Lundy & Heather



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