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Happy Spring from

Things have been busy here at  as we enter into Spring! 

One of the major changes we have made is switching to a new mailing list system. We outgrew the one that had worked so well for us over the years, but we are happy to see the growth happening! We hope that you will find the new system more convenient. As a result of the new system it won't take us as long to send out newsletters, so we put up a poll asking how often our visitors wanted us to send newsletters. An overwhelming majority said once a month. While we may not always manage to send them out monthly, we will be sending more frequently.

Another big change is we are in the process of adding foreign language translations made of a page that gives basic info about  and how it works. So far we have German, Dutch, and French,... working on others.....any suggestions?

In addition to offering our sets in US Letter and A4 sizes, we are beginning to offer certain sets in a high resolution version for those with broadband. Our new Easter Mini Set is offered in a high resolution version.

The sets we have added recently are: Tags, Tags, Tags!, Muted Coral and Green Set, Valentine's Borders Backgrounds & Tags, a St. Patrick's Day Set and the Easter Mini Set. We know many will find these graphics useful for greeting cards as well as scrapbooking. As usual we have a multitude of ideas and requests and never enough hours in the day!

We are considering making background papers in 12" x 12" size, but we aren't sure how many people have access to large format printers. We put a poll up on our Print Tips page, so please let us know if you have the ability to print 12" x 12" papers. Some of our older sets will be redone because they have cover pages referring to charges for our downloads. We are going to do this a little at a time. If you see a set with this page, just keep in mind that all our sets are now free. 

Occasionally culprits try to sell our graphics on Ebay on CD's, DVD's, printed paper, etc... or include them on an unauthorized site. If you see this happening, please email . We are always happy to send a Scrapbooking or Rubber Stamping idea book to those who report a Terms of Use violation.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Spring!

Lundy & Heather 

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