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Penwork Scroll Scribble Tracing Set

doodles pen drawings to trace














penwork-tracing-texture-01.jpg penwork-tracing-texture-01.jpg

These are some    close-up views of some of the designs in this set.

Our penwork scroll tracing set features hand-drawn doodles that you can print out and trace or just print directly on whatever paper you choose.

You can print these in different sizes to suit your needs. If you don't have a light-box, you can use a empty picture frame sitting on two stacks of books with a little nightlight plugged in and between your work surface and the glass. I do this all the time in on my coffee table. 

Another option is holding your tracing page and the project page up on a window during the daytime. This is harder since you have to draw in an upright position. 

You can also print these pages and them use pastels, watercolor or markers to add color to the black and white designs. 

If tracing, you can make much smoother lines (if that is your goal) if you sit at a comfortable height table and trace your swirls, scrolls and doodles using your whole arm and not just your fingers. Move everything from the elbow to the hand together in a fluid motion. 

Scratchy-not smooth lines are a nice look too when that is what you want. 

We didn't make a separate 12 x 12 inch set since it is a money saver to print on smaller paper and use that size to trace from. 

You can combine different elements from these pages into one project. Add extra embellishments, scribbles and doodles as you see fit....we just hope this doodle set ignites your imagination !


Penwork Tracing Set
US Letter
Penwork Tracing Set
International A4
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