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Puzzle Page Scrapbook Layouts

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I recently tried your service for the first time by purchasing the basic shapes and puzzle piece templates. I think that my son blowing our his birthday candles was really enhanced by the template layout. Thanks for the help.

Sarah Pollard

Thanks for sharing your layout with us Sarah!

scrapbooking templates

After over two months of total darkness we celebrate the returning of the sun. On the day the sunrays reaches down into this narrow valley it is customary for young and old to gather at a particular place downtown. The kids wear sun-scarfs or sun-hats, and sing and dance to the sun. The background is from the Paper Patch, the solid yellow is cardstock and the journalling is computer-generated.
Best regards,
Lene S.

Thank you for a wonderful site, just filled with great sets and ideas! I am a beginner scrapbooker and find your pages both helpful and inspirational. Scrapbooking is not big in Norway (- yet!), so supplies are scarce...

THANKS for sending us the layouts Lene

scrapbooking layouts

This is my son who has just started to crawl. Off course this event deserved its own page! I have just used cardboard in solid colors, and the lettering is from the Tupperware Stencil Art set.
Lene S.

scrapbook layout christmas Christmas Day 2001
Traci Zuber

Her first scrapbook layout ever !!

Thanks for sharing it with us Traci.







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