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How does Shutterfly help quilters? One person's handy tips:

When I make a quilt, I’m always using my digital camera to take snapshots of my work in process. It helps me keep track of the design as I make changes to it. I can always go back to where it was if I liked the earlier version better. I also shot a final photo of the finished quilt as a record before giving it as a gift. So, I have a hard drive full of my quilt shots.

One day, was my eldest daughter, Sarah, gave me this great idea of an easy way to make digital prints of my quilt copy shots and put them into photo albums. She told me about this great new digital photo service called Shutterfly  and a nifty product called a Snapbook.

So, now I simply take my digital camera and plug it into my computer. Upload the images directly to Shutterfly. Then, I create a Snapbook of my quilt portfolios. It’s so easy! You collect your photos and arrange them in an album online with just a few mouse-clicks. Snapbooks are bound into a mini album with one photo plus a description printed on each page. The best part is, they are so affordable that I get duplicate Snapbooks to send to friends and family and also prospective quilt buyers to show them my work.

Shutterfly does film processing, too

I only wish I knew about it when I was still shooting on film because Shutterfly processes color film and puts the images online the same way the do for digital images. I could have saved a small fortune that way. Shutterfly film processing costs much less than the one-hour photo labs and I don’t have to pay for the bad shots, only the prints I want. It’s simple. You just get film mailers and send them your rolls for processing. Shutterfly will develop your film, put your pictures in your online account so you can review and share them. They send your negatives back to you. They even send you an email alert that tells you when the pictures are in your account so you can sign in and order the prints you want.

Time saved is time to get creative

The best part of going digital and discovering Shutterfly is I actually have time to think of lots of creative new ways to use the pictures I am taking. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve rediscovered the fun of photography.

Why I waited so long and wasted so much paper and ink before trying Shutterfly, I’ll never understand. Now, I can’t even imagine taking and using pictures any other way.

Free offer from Shutterfly

I think this is truly one of the best deals around. You can try Shutterfly for yourself. Just click on the links in this article and get your first 15 prints for free.



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