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These scrapbook graphics sets are of the REAL THINGS !! We know you will have many uses for these pages you can print yourself showing items from our REAL LIVES !! These scrapbook backgrounds are many foods that kids love and toys like lizards that little boys like. Be sure to get the free small sample too, since it has 3 pages that are not included in the full 21 page set. The sample has full sized sheets of RED GRAPES, GREEN GRAPES, and a BRIGHT PINK BANDANA.

You might even want to print these designs in your printer's 'Draft or Economy' Mode to get a light pastel version of these over-all page designs.

This 21 page set includes popular cereals, pop beads, river rocks, snack food and crackers that children like, lizards, tie dyes, peanuts, animal crackers, leather patchwork, and denims. See the close-ups below on the right .

therealthing1set.jpg (97625 bytes) animal crackers scrapbook paper
cheerios scrapbook background

cheetos scrapbook background
pretzels scrapbooking background

lizards little boys toys background


peanuts scrapbooking background printable pop beads little girls background denim scrapbooking background printable

Download The Real Thing Set for free .pdf file

The three page free sample has these designs:

Free Mini Set 

red grapes background green grapes printable paper red bandana scrapbook design





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