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Free Printable Notecards & Postcards
All we ask in return is :
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And spread the word amongst your membership !

These scrapbook sets are not affiliated with or endorsed by the official Red Hat Society, but simply here for your fun.

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Please read this important printing info:

We hope you enjoy printing and using these Note Cards. It is a Set of 20 pages to print. Shown above are a few of the cards. Some are designed to fold in half, others are folded twice for a quarter-sized card. Have a look at the photos if this sounds confusing. The postcards are designed to be cut into 4 cards per page.

Since paper doesn't always feed into a printer perfectly straight, don't depend on printed fold lines. You are better off to carefully fold your paper over and line up the corners and crease it flat on a nice work surface like a table or kitchen counter. This way you know your card will be lined up correctly. I like using cardstock or cover weight paper.

If downloading is new to you, please read this page

If you have printing problems, see this page

Please see our FAQ page before you write about problems.

You want to choose 'save to disk' 'or 'save to computer' NOT 'open from current location'. It will be an .exe file that pops open ready to print when you click the icon. I suggest that you first make a folder on your desktop called "NoteCards" or something, and direct your download directly into that folder.

All we ask in return for these Free Printable Notecards is a link back to our site. We are sure you'll want to do the right thing and get your local chapter to give us a link back!

Now-a-days places like Wal-Mart or large office supply stores sell white Invitation sized envelopes in boxes of 50 or 60 very reasonably priced. This is the size you want for the quarter fold cards.

The larger 1/2 fold cards fit into the 6"x9" envelopes, usually 25 to the pack. I bought mine at Wal-Mart.

hat-13.jpg (3113 bytes) Download this printable Notecards file here. flower.jpg (10423 bytes)

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Quarter fold cards can be either vertical or horizontal depending on the design.

Order your ink here so you can print these cheaply !

You can learn a lot more about the Red Hat Society and see if there is a local Red Hat Society in your area at their official website-

We hope that all you lovely ladies will find these notecard designs useful for many parties and functions.



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