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This collection of website links can provide you with a great many auto-generated signs, labels, and page titles.  You can create anything from 3D text effects to novely billboard signs, so play around, and have fun !

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Cool Text has a ton of great text effects, with a myriad of options for you to tweak and adjust. in fancy text

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Xara Title Maker

 This neat utility will let you make a colorful 3D page title that you can print for your scrapbook or save as a graphic file if you do digital scrapbookingfree scrapbook page title to print.
You have lots of choices to play around with --Highlight the text and change it to words of your choice, choose color, size, font & style.  If you want to save the graphic as a file,  right click on top of it and choose "save as"--just pay attention into what folder or location you are saving it to, so you can find it later. If you just want to print it right that minute, right click on it and choose "print".

happy birthday scrapbook page title

Xara is providing this fun thing to get you interested in their product. 
It is a good product if you do a
lot of graphics or web design.
You might also get a pop-up ad when you use it---sorry its from them, not us.

Spiffy Text

custom logo maker

This is a great place to make custom scrapbook page titles if you can crop the image to remove the website advertisement they add to it. Use your graphics program or scissors to trim. The pay-to-remove function is not on our website and we cannot vouch for how well it works if at all.

Go to Spiffy Text

License Plate Maker

If you are working on a travel scrapbook layout, make special auto license tags that show where all you went, or how you felt on the trip ! Also great for scrapbook pages about kids getting their drivers license or taking Drivers Education. 

License Plate Generator Sign Maker has several different sign and novelty label generators including church signs, concert tickets, video cassettes, vinyl records, and even novely Jeopardy questions.

 Novelty Safety Sign, "Magnetic Personalities Ahead"  Novelty Jeopardy Sign, "This website has all the best free scrapbooking resources."  Novelty truck signage, ""

Several sign choices. Make novelty church signs to celebrate a wedding or anniversary, use the vinyl record creator to show a favorite song or first dance, or make outrageous novelty signs just for fun !

Make and Order Dog tags

Dog Tags for Scrapbooking
Make your own dog tags. You can save the preview images and/or order them at a reasonable price.

Go to MyDogTag

Candy Heart Maker

candy heart sign makercreate custom candy heartcustom valentines candycandyheart with words

Make several, in different colors...just keep your words short (4 letters or less)

Go to the Candy Factory

Warning Label Generator

Go to Warning Label Generator

Dog Tags Maker

dog tag maker, custom dogtags

Go to Dog Tags Maker

Tombstone Maker

custom granite tombstone maker

Not sure how to best use this on a scrapbook layout....maybe one about giving up smoking !

Go to the Solid Granite Tombstone Maker

Street Sign Maker

street sign maker, custom street signs

Go to Custom Street Sign Maker

All Sorts of Custom Signs, T-Shirts, Cakes, Fortune Cookies, etc..

Custom Cake Icing Sign Maker

Ultimate Custom Sign Maker List

Billboard Maker

custom billboard maker

Go to Custom Billboard Maker

Etch-a-Sketch Image Creator

free etch a sketch sign maker

Go to Etch-a-Sketch to Make My Message

Here is another free TEXT TITLE BANNER MAKER...just chose stationary on motion choices.




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