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Several articles about photography and digital photography that we hope are of help to our scrapbookers.

How to Take Better Photos...loads of tips on composition, lighting, angles, daylight, cropping and enjoying your photography. 

What is Shutterfly and how can it help me with my photo developing and sharing?

Quilter's Photography Tips using Shutterfly

What I have learned about getting good photos with my digital camera:

Because I do so much photography for the web, I have almost switched entirely to digital. The cost savings is another big factor plus the fact that I can shoot a whole bunch of shots and then 'surely to goodness' I'll get some good ones and can just delete the rest. I take many photos of beach condo interiors for a website I manage in Gulf Shores. I always use my digital. It is definitely best for low light photos. The thing to do is avoid getting a direct light source in the shot, do one with and one without the flash, then later you can use your favorite photo-editing software to do an 'auto-enhance' to one-click brighten the whole thing up. If there is no way to avoid some rays of direct light, like thru a window with no covering, I use my photo editing program to darken in the spot of direct light to about 1/2 it's strength and then do the one click 'auto-enhance' function. If the photo still does not have bright enuf colors, darken the bright spots once more and do the 'auto-enhance' thing again. To be time permits.



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