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Ott Light for Crafts and SewingOttLite -- Ottlite lamps simulate daylight and help you match colors better. They have many styles to choose from and you are sure to find one that is right for you.See the the same print under two types of lighting: a standard lamp and an OTT-LITE® VisionSaver Plus™ on the website. VisionSaver Plus lighting is perfect for reading and everything else you love to do where seeing clearly is important.

Ott light for scrapbooking The Jupiter TrueColor™ Table Lamp has a unique flip lid design, revealing a built-in 3x optical grade magnifier. The multi-position head, with 360° rotating base, adjusts easily to direct the low heat, low glare, natural daylight illumination. Makes scrapbooking easier. Match papers and trims easily and get perfect die cuts when you use this versatile lamp. Plus, you’ll enjoy reduced eyestrain under this cool, soothing light. Dual lever positioning options for base and shade provides convenient lamp adjustment.

SoLux lampsSolux --SoLux is a patented light source that provides unparalleled replication of natural daylight. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is one indicator of that ability, and a CRI of 100 is considered perfect. SoLux bulbs have virtually perfect CRIs of over 98 and 99.   Solux Halogen lights reproduce natural daylight in an energy efficient manner and give off very little heat. They have several styles to choose from, desk lamps, floor lamps, movable floor lamps, recessed lighting, clamp lamps and more. Solux has lots and lots of styles. 



Nova Luce LampNova Luce Lamp -- Nova Luce lamps by Feelux Co give you the ability to control dimming function and color temperature automatically. These features are easily controlled by the timer and LCD panel. It gives a natural sunshine effect indoors and features an energy saving mode. It also provides protection from external shock by using urethane and ultraviolet coating. NovaLuce is an excellent stand which changes in colors (Kelvin temperature) and intensity as user operates. Light color (Kelvin temperature) and intensity vary according to the selected program just like SIH system. Cozy sleep available by sleeping light, Sunrise and sunset function too ! 

Gange LightboxGagne -- Manufactures light boxes and light tables. Light boxes and tables are great for tracing or looking at photo negatives. Gagne produces the Porta-trace line as well as others. It is a small portable economical lighting studio. Ideal for photography small and your desk. 


Dazor Light and MagnifierDazor Professional Task Lights, Desk Lamps, & Lighted Magnifiers--Dazor is a global manufacturer and distributor of professional grade task lights, desk lamps and lighted magnifiers serving many industries. The Dazor Circline Magnifier light is a convenient alternative to crafting lights with magnifier add-ons. It is a  magnifier and light source are a single unit. This design features a powerful magnifier surrounded by a circular light source housed in a durable, all-metal head. The lamp's shape provides even lighting without shadows. The Circline Magnifier is available in a range of diopters; 3 (+75% magnification) 5 (+125% magnification) and 11 (+275% magnification). Diopter describes a lens' curvature. The greater the diopter value, the thicker the lens and more pronounced its curvature. The greater a lens' curvature, the larger objects appear under it, because light rays are redirected to fill a greater amount of the retina. Regardless of the diopter, the Circline Magnifier features a lens 5 inches in diameter. Unlike more economical lamps on the market, this lens is made of crown-optical glass, rather than acrylic. All models of the Circline Magnifier Light include "floating-arms". These arms provide convenient positioning of the lens/light source with just the slightest touch. The floating-arm provides a 42" reach. 

Veralux Full Spectrum Light Veralux Full Spectrum Lights--Verilux invented full spectrum, "daylight" lighting more than 50 years ago.  Verilux offers Full Spectrum Lighting for Reading, Crafting and Artwork - and Full Spectrum Light Therapy to Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Verilux® Full Spectrum technology produces a truer white light. In effect, the quality of light replicates natural outdoor lighting. The resulting white light brings out the appearance of crisper colors, reducing glare and eyestrain. The Natural Full Spectrum Lighting® compact fluorescent bulb used in the Verilux floor lamps provides even more benefits...low wattage, a cost savings. They are also designed for energy efficiency and a long life. Testing has shown the bulb lasts up to 5,000 hours. In addition to notable brightness and light quality, the bulb is free of flickering, further eliminating a cause of possible eyestrain. The Verilux floor lamps have sleek European design. It is available in a range of neutral shades and could easily blend into any room’s décor as a regular room light. The lamp features a gooseneck design, making it relatively easy to direct illumination for any purpose. Because the Verilux floor lamp is lightweight, it may be easily be moved from one area to another too. 

Daylight Table Lamp

Daylight--Daylight™ light ensures you see colors accurately at anytime of the day or night which is essential for color matching of material like scrapbook paper, embellishments, borders, etc..also paint, threads and wool. Daylight™ light is kind to your eyes which helps to reduce eye strain and allows you to craft and read in comfort for much longer than you might otherwise. Daylight™ bulbs and tubes are environmentally friendly as they are low energy light which dramatically reduces the amount of electricity used. Also, the bulb or tube itself runs cold so you can enjoy powerful light without the uncomfortable heat. Daylight™ lamps are specifically designed for crafters’ individual needs across the whole spectrum of crafting techniques. The lamps can easily be adjusted for optimal lighting. 


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