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We are happy that so many of you enjoy using our scrapbook printables so much and have made a contribution to this site to help us be able to add sets faster and keep the site updated. Many of you leave us a short note and we want to share these comments here. While most of our users are from the USA, many of the contributions come from The UK, The Netherlands, Australia, NZ, and South Africa. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to will find the PayPal and Amazon links to do so at the bottom of every page. Thanks :o)

I Just have to write with a whopping "thank you" for your gorgeous scrapbooking site! What a treasure trove of imagery. You saved me so much footwork and helped along my project by leaps. I will be sure to recommend the site to my friends.
Thanks again,
N. Andre

First off, I have to say as a mom on a tight budget... I am so thankful to have found your site!! So many of your sets allow me to continue making wonderful memories for my family well within what I can afford.
I'm enclosing a jpeg image of just one page I made using your some of your music downloads.
Thanks again for your wonderful product.
J Reeves

HI, Greetings from New Zealand.
I just wanted to let you know what an awesome site you have!!!
I am doing a scrapbook on the lives of myself and late husband as Christmas presents for our 2 adult children and being on a very tight budget your site gave me many free things I could use to make the pages look just that extra bit special.
Thank you. Francie W

Love the site, have used many pages already for my 3 grandchildren. Barbara


... thanks for the layouts so far they are all so great. and free! God love you. Scrapboking is such and expensive hobby and Its nice to be able to get some stuff for free. love, Sherry

I enjoy it very very much and appreciate your free service sooo much. Thanks! Michelle L

Thanks for letting me know about your new designs, they're great! Joy G

thank you ever so much you side is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! olof from Iceland 

Hi to you all, just to let you know what a wonderful web site that you have , with all the fantastic free papers that you have on there, so thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your hard work in giving us these fantastic freebies. Best wishes to you all, Brenda


$2.00 from Karen S
$3.00 from Janelle W
$5.00 from Linda M
$1.00 from Shelagh S
$5.00 from Mary B
$5.00 from Anne Marie S
     Message: We love your sight :) Hope you can add more pages in the future :) Thank you :)
$10.00 from Sarah P
Message: Thank you, Thank you
$3.00 Roberta G
$5.00 Janine H
$5.00 Sandra Van B
$1.00 Arnetta R
$2.00 Tina H-E
     Message: Thanks for having a free and great site such as this one!!!
$5.00 Marcella C.
     Message: I Love Keep it coming. 
$2.00 Carrie P
$4.00 Cynthia C. 
     Message:Hi, I have not yet begun to scrapbook. I am disabled and on a fixed income. Your sight makes it affordable to start this usually expensive hobby. Thank you so much.
$2.00 Angela J
$2.00 Renee T-Creative Memories Consultant
$5.00 Kainoa DeR
$1.00 Linda P 
$1.00 Angela M
$2.00 Suzanne R
$3.00 Gillian C
     Message: Thank you for the lovely images on your site. Best Wishes, Gill.

$3.00 Dawn Marie
$1.00 Joyce C
     Message: sorry it's not much - single   parent. thank you for a wonderful site and all the freebies!!!
Joyce (Bonnie Scotland)
$10.00 cheryl ann t
$10.00 Linda B
$5.00 Wiliam and Deborah B
$5.00 Tammy B$1.00 Sarah-Jane P
$3.00 Carolyn S
$3.00 Mary B
$10.00 Catherine G
$3.00 Michael A
$2.00 Gillian S
$5.00 Lorelie L 
     Message: I do Altered Books in Round Robins specifically. I'm always looking for nice papers and travel items etc. Alphabets too, which you seem to have plenty of all of those. If I use these in something visible I'll send it along to you.
Thanks again, the site is worth $5.00 and then some. Please keep me informed when you add to it.
$5.00 Stephanie D
$5.00 Neva P
$10.00 Sue S
     Message: Thank you for your help! What a great website!, Sue
$10.00 Glenda Dills
     Message: Your site is great! Thanks!
$5.00 Theresa H



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