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Free Printable Student Award Certificates

for Teachers and Home Schooling Parents






Greeting to all teachers and parents. Because I was so grateful for the dedicated teachers that both my boys had in elementary, middle and high school, I have long wanted to add something to this site for free that might be of use to teachers.   One of our boys was in Special Ed most of his life and I remember how effectively his teachers used awards and behavior modification techniques that often included tangible rewards for good behavior and effort.  This set of printable Student Award Certificates has 15 pages with two different designs per page.  I hope to be able to add several more printable award sets in the future.  It is helpful to know what kinds of certificates whole be most useful to you for future sets.  Please tell us.   Additionally we would really appreciate a link back to our site if you have access to  any websites or message boards viewed by teachers and educators so we can let others know about our teacher's freebies.Our sets come in PDF format. If your school computer does have a firewall that blocks your download, consider downloading from your home computer and then making yourself a CD of this set to take to school to print.   Many other technical issues are addressed on our FAQ web page. Make sure you choose "Save to Disk"  or "save on my hard drive"---NOT "open from current location" or you won't have a copy for later. Make a folder ahead of time and direct the download straight into the folder--otherwise it may go to a temp folder by default and get auto-deleted when you restart the computer.Our Print Tips has a lot of info on paper and ink, also links to the two sources we use for really inexpensive but good ink jet cartridges.The set has several printing options, so you can choose from several sizes to print. You can print in your printer's "Draft" or "Economy" mode for a pastel look and save ink. We also have many, many free scrapbooking page design samples, some of which may be useful for school projects. The links for the free samples are on the pages that show the individual scrapbook sets. You can see links to all our sets from this current Catalog Page, or use the Site Map to see a long list of all the pages on this site.

Thanks and we'd love to hear your feedback on other ways we can help teachers. Lundy Wilder for There is a spelling error on one of the certificates--sorry !
Hope to fix it when we get time.

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