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The world is full of tags: whether they hang from your luggage, or name the recipient of a gift basket. Whether you're seeking tags for actual use in gift-giving or labeling, or using them as embelishments for a scrapbook layout, or free printable tag templates can get you started down the right path.

This set of Free Scrapbook Tags Templates will allow you to print a set of assorted sized outlines on the back of any piece of paper from which you'd like to make tags. You can use colored cardstock, or textured paper, whatever you can run thru your printer can be used. If you print on the back of the paper, then you won't have to fret about having bits of the printed outline showing after you cut out your tags. We often print up some pages and take them with us on long car trips and cut out a bunch of tags at once. By using the different print sizing options, you can adjust the size of the tags. You can also follow the instructions on our FAQ page to export these individual pages to use in your own graphics programs. To read how our sets will come to you and how they work, please see our "How Work?" and "Download Tips" pages. Remember that to print a lighter lines for use on vellum or transparencies, use your printers 'draft' or 'economy' mode.
Please read the instructions on our  download pages--they will answer many questions.

scrapbooking tag templates
free tag patterns for scrapbook pages
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We found a nice tutorial on another site w/ ideas for using our Tag Templates.

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